Run Back To Yesterday

Today Billy Sloan on his show page for BBC Radio Scotland was asking which gig that you’ve been to in the past would you want to go back and experience again.

Not sure I would want to go to any specific ones, really. Probably just any Simple Minds one.

But…oh, the chance to see them in the past with gigs I have never been to in the first place? PLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEE! ALL OF 5X5 LIVE! Every single gig it is possible to go to – just to start.

1982 Jim – there’s MY Alasdair Gray follow-up to Lanark – 1982 JIM – sod Janine! Lol

Just…from this distance and passage of time, looking back at him at that time, I am transfixed. I can only imagine what I’d be like IN FRONT OF HIM at that time.

Yes, I am feeling it bad today because…I am very down on myself. Very disappointed and upset with myself. As a consequence it is just…I’m just seeking comfort in the things that…yeah.

ANY gig from 1982. Anywhere in Europe in the spring and early summer. Cologne. Anything while they were in Oz in 1982. The Friars, Aylesbury – then off to Oz. Oh, imagine it! New Gold Dream has only just come out and Jim looks fucking breathtaking. I don’t even care. I’m not even gonna apologise! Don’t believe me? Check that Sheila Rock pic from the other day. Someone said to me from me sharing it on my FB feed a few days back (a few comments had been left by that point) “oh, you ladies aren’t talking about his ‘package’ – you’ve disappointed me.” I replied saying “I covet his tits more than his junk.” Lol

Such brazen objectification. But it is true! I know the topic comes up for discussion, but honestly…I don’t feel I’m obsessed with his…”appendage”. There is sssoooo much more about Sir Kerr I am into than…that! His brain…just for a start. Not the other thing most men think with! Lol

ANYWAY! Gigs! Dream gigs. I don’t want to go back to a gig I’ve already experienced. Been there, done that…right? So! I want time travel. I want a gig I never got to experience by actually being there.

I watch some of the things from 1982…I watch him and think about how I feel when I am at gigs now – standing in front of him, watching him…thinking “Oh, you intoxicating, delicious…just…ggrrrr” then put that to how I’d be feeling being there in 1982. I think I’d end up catatonic. Lol. I’m sure. Probably end up in hospital or something. Lol

This is why I am so stunned that I am not finding my wall of Kerrnessnessnessness a distraction at the kit. But I genuinely am motivated by those pictures. Thank god I am! I need to be. Because so much else is bringing me down right now. Me! In every other way. I am a fucking c***, basically. I really, really hate myself right now.

I’m going to leave you with Jim. Well…Simple Minds actually. But…Jim.

The Linx Effect? (Not On Me, Gov!)

I must lose my sense of smell being round him or something. I’ve had the man have his arm around me, TWICE…one of those times I had my head rested on his chest! AND I DID NOT SMELL HIM!

Paris is the only time I ever thought I got a whiff. And…heady it was too.

I obviously need a new nose! Lol. The bizarre thing is…I’m usually super sensitive to this kind of stuff. Partly the reason I thought I fainted at the Franz Ferdinand gig last week…some ladies next to me had a quite strange and sickening mix of very sweet smelling perfume mixed with garlic…it wasn’t adding much to my wellbeing (or lack there of, more to the point), I gotta say…

Anyways…bloody good pic of him in that flamingo shirt…

The Definitive “Celebrate” Search

For me…possibly the SEXIEST Simple Minds song is Celebrate…that low, reverbing bass…high synths and Charlie’s little solo riff…plus some of the sexiest words Jim has ever written (seriously…the way he delivers that opening “Act of love”….just makes me melt…let alone the “she rag doll / keeps him warm” lines (which have now been surrendered to Catherine – I love Catherine…but she doesn’t make my ovaries explode like Jim does).

I’ve been on a slow quest to find the most definitive live version of Celebrate.

For the longest time it has been the French TV performance from 1982. As much for the visuals as anything else. Jim head to toe in black leather, with slicked back hair…belted snake hips. The way he moves, the way he sings it…whatever the hell he is doing with that tambourine…it is pure, unadulterated SEX! It’s hard to beat!


A close contender is the 2012 Werchter one. Again…fast foward 30 years, and minus the leather and the tambourine (and the hips being not quite as “snaked” as they once were)…I am just in a puddle…different gestures, different annunciations to the vocal…but still absolute SEX!

My newest fave has been the Cologne Rockpalast ’82 version. He almost shouts and spits vemon with that version! Grrrrrr. Rraaarrrrr!!!! (Lol. I know…I must be ovulating. Lol)

Tonight, I was enjoying this new find…but it had me begging the question…which it ALWAYS does when I listen to modern versions of it – WHY WAS THE FINAL VERSE DROPPED?! HE’S ABOUT TO SING IT on this version. He actually sings “to a distant land” before he takes in where the arrangement is and quickly chimes in the “we can live”…

I would ask him…but given how he is at the moment, I’d no doubt get my head bitten off. And well, Celebrate is not on the Acoustic set list, so it’s all academic anyway, but I can’t help but be curious. The song retains the same length, essentially, so why the final verse is now no more is an even bigger mystery. If the song was shorter, it would be self-explanatory…but IT’S THE SAME LENGTH!

Anyway…it also highlights to me that I have never really delved into listening to ANY of the 2011 live recordings. This must change.

Enjoy the 2011 – almost full quota of verses – version of Celebrate…

Possibly my most favourite moment of the whole Simple Minds Rockpalast 1982 gig. Jim is just soaking in the moment. I hope he was thinking “this was a good one!” – because it was. The comments show on clips from this gig that it has its detractors, but I think it’s one of their best. 

It will forever be one of my faves.

“There’s a hole in my head / where the creature has crawled”

Gif sequence of Simple Minds performing Premonition at Rockpalast, Cologne, 1982.

“…limbo can burn / but the original sin / incentive to learn”

Another gif sequence of Simple Minds performing Premonition at Rockpalast, Cologne, 1982.

By the way…I have never wanted to be a mic stand SSOOO much in all of my life! Lol

One of my favourite, if not, favourite video recorded live performances of Simple Minds. Jim Kerr is just the most AMAZING performer during this period. The energy he exudes is tangible and exciting. Every time I watch it, I am blown away by him.

This sequence of gifs was taken from their performance of Premonition. The gig is Rockpalast, Cologne, Germany, 1982. The full gig is up on YT for all to enjoy 🙂