Number One Acoustic Track…

Today Sir chose his number one acoustic song and it was Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World. Of course this whole thing had me contemplating the whole “acoustic” sound. The only real distinction I ever made in music was between classical and popular music. Other than those two very distinct differences, it was just music I liked or didn’t like, really.

I had to think about the things I liked and whether they’d fit into the “acoustic” style, or had acoustic versions of the song made. I’m sure there are many songs I like that are essentially acoustic but because I’ve never really thought in those terms, they’ve escaped my memory.

This is one such song. How I should forget it defies logic! It’s how appalling my memory is! But today, my memory was jogged. I listened to about 10 different versions before finally settling on this particular one. (The tissue box is a few sheets shorter now!)

Oh, what the birds mean to me. The sentiment of the song. It HAD to be my number one!

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