Bryn The Beautiful Blackbird

A watercolour painting of a blackbird in song that I had commissioned by my amazingly talented friend, Deb.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I like to give birds alliterative names.

All my own crappy creations ended up with alliterative names and so upon deciding on a name for Bryn I thought about the Welsh connection with Deb. Bryn means “hill” so it just seemed so apt for him. And being a glorious songbird as well, and with the Welsh known for their beautiful singing voices it all made total sense.

I shall get a beautiful frame for him and hang him on the wall in my bedroom, along side that other wonderful singer that festoons every wall of my room. And there’s a lovely rhyme with the names Jim and Bryn – total accident but there you go! It was meant to be.

Deb does AMAZING watercolour paintings of UK wildlife. If you’d like to see more of her work and perhaps buy some of her beautiful art, you can view and make enquiries through her FB art page HERE

Take These Broken Wings…

Latest piece completed. And I am so happy with it. Especially the writing at the bottom. I really wanted to add the words to The Beatles song, but I was really worried as to how I was going to do it. I thought maybe some mixed media…just writing it in with a Sharpie…and then possibly painting over the words? But I ended up just taking the bull by the horns and freestyling. I’ve never done any caligraphy work. I have appalling hand-writing. I really didn’t think I’d be that good at doing it. I had prepared myself to paint over it again and again.

I mean…I started the whole blackbird again! 

He is still by no means perfect, but he is *MY* idea of perfect. He comes from me, and my idea of “complete”. If I work on him any more, things could start to go wrong. And while he doesn’t look perfect, he is a complete work. Signed and soon-to-be delivered. 

I do hope his new owner will love him.

The finishing touch was adjusting his eye. His outer eye ringlet was a little too much. The final adjustment was perfect.

Enjoy your new home, Mr Blackbird…wherever you may find yourself.

WIP – Olly Prepped

I’m starting two birds at once. One is a commissioned painting of an owl. I have changed my mind a few times on the actual owl I will do and I will now keep it a surprise – but here is the primed canvas that Olly the Owl will be painted on. PLEASE let me do him justice!

My other bird will be a blackbird that I am calling Beau. I’m yet to be fixed on which medium I will use for him. I may try him with watercolour first, so how he goes. I also have oils now and so far I have only painted with acrylic. I’ll probably try the watercolour first. If it all goes well, I can frame it and present it beautifully. Time will tell…

Number One Acoustic Track…

Today Sir chose his number one acoustic song and it was Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World. Of course this whole thing had me contemplating the whole “acoustic” sound. The only real distinction I ever made in music was between classical and popular music. Other than those two very distinct differences, it was just music I liked or didn’t like, really.

I had to think about the things I liked and whether they’d fit into the “acoustic” style, or had acoustic versions of the song made. I’m sure there are many songs I like that are essentially acoustic but because I’ve never really thought in those terms, they’ve escaped my memory.

This is one such song. How I should forget it defies logic! It’s how appalling my memory is! But today, my memory was jogged. I listened to about 10 different versions before finally settling on this particular one. (The tissue box is a few sheets shorter now!)

Oh, what the birds mean to me. The sentiment of the song. It HAD to be my number one!