Take These Broken Wings…

Latest piece completed. And I am so happy with it. Especially the writing at the bottom. I really wanted to add the words to The Beatles song, but I was really worried as to how I was going to do it. I thought maybe some mixed media…just writing it in with a Sharpie…and then possibly painting over the words? But I ended up just taking the bull by the horns and freestyling. I’ve never done any caligraphy work. I have appalling hand-writing. I really didn’t think I’d be that good at doing it. I had prepared myself to paint over it again and again.

I mean…I started the whole blackbird again! 

He is still by no means perfect, but he is *MY* idea of perfect. He comes from me, and my idea of “complete”. If I work on him any more, things could start to go wrong. And while he doesn’t look perfect, he is a complete work. Signed and soon-to-be delivered. 

I do hope his new owner will love him.

The finishing touch was adjusting his eye. His outer eye ringlet was a little too much. The final adjustment was perfect.

Enjoy your new home, Mr Blackbird…wherever you may find yourself.

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