Take These Broken Wings…

Latest piece completed. And I am so happy with it. Especially the writing at the bottom. I really wanted to add the words to The Beatles song, but I was really worried as to how I was going to do it. I thought maybe some mixed media…just writing it in with a Sharpie…and then possibly painting over the words? But I ended up just taking the bull by the horns and freestyling. I’ve never done any caligraphy work. I have appalling hand-writing. I really didn’t think I’d be that good at doing it. I had prepared myself to paint over it again and again.

I mean…I started the whole blackbird again! 

He is still by no means perfect, but he is *MY* idea of perfect. He comes from me, and my idea of “complete”. If I work on him any more, things could start to go wrong. And while he doesn’t look perfect, he is a complete work. Signed and soon-to-be delivered. 

I do hope his new owner will love him.

The finishing touch was adjusting his eye. His outer eye ringlet was a little too much. The final adjustment was perfect.

Enjoy your new home, Mr Blackbird…wherever you may find yourself.

Mind The Birds – One For Sorrow – Magpie In Flight

It really have been some time since I did a drawing. I picked up the pencils tonight for the first time in WEEKS…probably two months or so.

Start back in easy with the birds. Birds I feel quite confident with, so it’s an easy return…but I shall try to expand in the time to come.

For now, here is a quick magpie sketch. As yet he has no alliterative name. I’m thinking Maurice…but nothing’s solid.


We have a name! Thanks to my lovely friend, Deb. Mitch the Magpie! 🙂

Mind The Birds – Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

All The Things She Squawked?

Two of them showed up on my Facebook timeline this morning, and I thought they’d make a great subject for a drawing. It wasn’t until I was finished did I suddenly realise that this is the VERY species of cockatoo that gets a starring role in a Simple Minds video…adorning Jim’s legs and lap, no less! (Lucky bird! Lol)


Mind The Birds – (Billy) Blue Tit

Update: Today, Billy was sent out as a gift to Jim. As lovely as it has been sending him prints, it is wonderful to be able to send him something tangible and drawn with my own hand. I wanted him to have Billy, because without his encouragement, I would never have felt…confident or able to try. He really *did* start to make me believe in myself (and oh how I WISH I had put that in the letter I enclosed with it!)


Stuffed up his eye right at the end. Was trying for extra definition and “pop” but went WAY over the boundary and oversized the eye. Legs are much better, but colour is wrong. Needed to be a a greyer colour. Need to get more shades. But, man…I can draw birds! Squeee! And he looks *MUCH* better than my first blue tit :-))

Mind The Birds – (Quick!) Carrion Crow

Bought myself a load of arty stuff (what is now) yesterday. Lots of different media and things. Pencils, charcoals, pastels. So eager to get going (but fairly latish at night – prime time for artisty, it has to be said!), I drew my first “hands on” drawing in a loooong time!

Now, ask me to draw any other kind of animal…a house…a human face…anything else, and it would look even MORE amateur than the best Tracey Emin! But…ask me to draw a bird, and somehow I seem to be able to do it. I’m sure it probably has a lot to do with my love of them. 

Birds make life make sense to me. 

Of course, in recent times, Simple Minds music has made life make more sense to me…but when that goes wrong (and it does, because I get too emotionally invested in it – I’m learning that the interactivity with Sir can be both a blessing AND a curse Kerr-se!), the birds are there. Always there. 

So here is my VERY quickly sketched carrion crow. I see flaws…but he really was just very quickly done as I was raring to go to get charcoal to paper. As flawed as he is, I love him!

No one else will probably get it. No one else will care. But I do. And that’s all the matters. Just me and Cally. Cally the crow 🙂 (Yeah, stuff it! I’m gonna give all the birds I draw names.)

Maybe one day…this art. The love of the birds and being able to draw them…will transcend into me being able to draw Jim. That would be awesome. Though I doubt I will ever be able to do him justice. Ever.