Oh, I Just Want To Talk To Him…

I know he is eternally busy! And I say stupid, silly things…about flirting and stuff. Lol
As if I could flirt!
I don’t even particularly want a doughnut with him (as DESPERATE as I am to try Tantrum Doughnuts). The whole thing is just a ruse to meet him.
I don’t really care where…the “when” is a little more important! Time always feels of the essence, so I’d love nothing more to meet him quite soon.
But the thing about it most important for me…and I know it is AWFULLY selfish…is the amount of time I could have with him. The time for a genuine conversation. A good 15/20 minutes, MINIMUM! Lol. I know! It’s not demands…it’s dreaming!
Even at that length it would feel so fleeting!

I probably would never be able to string two sentences together, be socially awkward and inadvertently  say something sounding rude or some such. There’d be some way I’d embarrass myself 🙁

But I will continue to dream…in the dream…with myself! Lol

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