It’s APPALLING – But There Is SOMETHING There!

I NEVER thought I’d be able to draw a decent face…let alone a likeness, but here is my first GENUINE concerted effort of a young Jim…

Yes, I can point out ALL the things wrong with it. Facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) not set over to the right side of the face enough. Face is FAR too wide. Lips are a little too big, top lip especially. But…The nose looks like a fucking nose!!! I can NEVER do noses! Well, never could before. 

There are ENDLESS problems with it. I could diss it until my dying day! But there is a kind of likeness there. And…I also…rather disappointingly see John Travolta too :-(( Lol

But hey! It’s a start. And ALL artists must start SOMEWHERE. And I am DETERMINED to perfect this beautiful creature if it is the last fucking thing I do!!

You can all have a laugh and a shot at me – but I know that soon enough I will be the BEST damn illustrator of Jim Kerr that knocks about!

In the immortal finishing lines of David Bowie’s Star – “Just watch me now!”

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