Grant Stott Talks To Bruce Findlay – The Vinyl Collective, BBC Radio Scotland

The link may only work for those in the UK at the moment…and you may need be signed into the BBC website, but I will try and get it as soon as I can so it is listenable to all.

I’ll be heading to the Rip It Up exhibition in Edinburgh in just under four weeks time, in which I’ll also be at a talk being given by Bruce and Ian Rankin as part of the exhibition. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of hearing the great man talk, and of meeting him. It will be fab.


To listen to the interview, jut click on the audio clip below…

UPDATE: I posted all the info before listening to it. Aaawww, man! Bruce says he “fell in love with” Jim! That is such an awesome thing to say! Who can blame you, Bruce. Who can blame you…

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