Lyric Of The Day – Wonderful In Young Life

Lyric of the day

Song: Wonderful In Young Life

Album: Sister Feelings Call

Year of release: 1981

Words: Jim Kerr

With such a beautiful picture of him, I *had* to use it for my “lyric of the day”. And no other words felt appropriate than my most favouritest Simple Minds song.

It is such a beautiful song and it just makes me cry. It’s too joyous and beautiful.

There’s hardly any info on it…scrap that…there is ***NO*** added information about it on the Dream Giver Redux site.

I tried to ask Jim a while back about it, but it was over the Christmas period and he was away from SMO at the time. Maybe I’ll try asking again in future.

I love it so much.

Lines from it will be tattooed on me in a few months :-))

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