Lyric Of The Day – Stagefright

Lyric of the day

Song: Stagefright

Album: Greatest Hits

Year of release: 2013 (album release)

Written by: Kerr/Burchill

Such sexy words needed a suitably sexy image!

And of course within the lyrics there is the line “raise your hands, that feels great” – his hands are raised, rather suggestively…sexy boy!!

When the lyrics were printed out on the Simple Minds Facebook page (I wasn’t a fan quite then…but I’ve seen it printed in a screengrab), the word “get” was actually “fuck”. I wish they’d been bold enough to keep it like that! Sooo much sexier! It’s how I hear it in my head anyway.

Today’s birthday boy, David Bowie, had to do a similar thing with the song Beauty And The Beast on the “Heroes” album. The line was meant to be “someone fuck a priest” – but I assume pressure from RCA propbably forced his hand and the “fuck” was replaced with a “fetch”. A shame, really, because a song needs a good “fuck” now and then 😉

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