Happy Birthday, David!

Happy Birthday David Bowie!

Now, before you think I’ve gone and lost my (Simple) mind, I know this is an Iggy Pop song…but here’s the thing: Bowie does backing vocals on this track, along with a fresh, young group of Weegies, getting themselves known, called Simple Minds.

For YEARS I could hear Bowie’s backing vocal and I had always assumed he’d overdubbed it his vocal was so prominent. But recently I’ve realised Bowie hasn’t overdubbed his backing vocal at all. What I hear is Bowie and Jim. It’s unmistakable. Especially on the “what do we have in common?” line. Iggy even uses the line “you’re too simple-minded” on the track. Links within links!

I used to have a copy of this on CD but the tracklisting had an error. The tracklist had erroneously titled the song “Play It Sale”, which would give me a wry smile when I’d see it.

So, happy birthday David! And here’s to Jim and Jim (Iggy’s real name being James Osterberg, of course)

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