Hokusai Dreaming

I think it must have been all the excitement of Sir resurfacing getting the better of me. This morning I had a dream he was “seen” – out in public. A bit of video footage, some pictures…and he was…wearing the Hokusai scarf I bought him! At first I wasn’t sure, because I never got to view it myself. I only saw a photo of how the scarf would look when I bought it. There was no actual display model of it. Checking the pics and vid closely, I could see it was indeed the scarf.

I can’t tell you how happy I was. But, alas…it was a dream. Lol.

It’s like the Christmas hug dream in reverse. On Christmas morning, I dreamed Jim hugged me…and lo, at Bridlington post-gig, it happened. This time…he has the scarf, but I’m yet to see him in it, so I just dreamed it so. Hopefully now I’ve dreamed it, it’ll happen :-))) Seeing as…sometimes…my dreams come true.

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