Happy Birthday, Mick!

Always a great excuse to share what is probably the best set of photos I’ve ever had with ANY band member, past or present.

Happy Birthday, Mick! You amazing, talented, gorgeous man! Hope you have the most wonderful day.

I decided to show the rarely seen third photo today. I usually don’t show it because I hate my 17 chins – but we are in just such a happy moment there, how could I not? Despite my chins, it’s full of joy.

Perks Of The Job…

That I get to share lovely photos that Virginia took of him. In all the many wonderful things that have happened in the past seven – YES SEVEN – years of my Simple Minds fandom, few have been more wonderful to me than becoming friends with Virginia.

Not only is she one of the best photographers ever, she’s a fabulous lady to know. I regard her as one of my dearest friends. And I can only hope she thinks likewise of me.

As much a celebration for me being a Minds fan for seven years today than it is in honour of His Kerrness’s birthday, I share these photos.

I have all four in my collection. The one of him smiling away with the rest of the boys behind him, near Duddingston Loch, within Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, taken in 1981 is a firm favourite. I don’t think there has ever been a man with a more beautiful smile. (Fuck, I talk such mush!) It’s on permanent display on my wall. The others are on rotation as part of my absurd collection of others (never taken an official count but it currently stands at around 160 photos – approximately).

You can always check out a sample of Virginia’s collection at www.virginiaturbett.com and make enquiries about prints.

A Birthday In Bloom

This blog is positively AWASH with photos of a certain birthday boy, so instead of adding more images to that, I’d like to share photos of a rose we bought at a garden centre in Milngavie a few months back.

It’s been coming along very nicely since we bought it and now it’s in full bloom.

We bought two roses. One is called Let There Be Love (any guesses as to why that particular one caught my attention?) and the one pictured below is called Happy Birthday.

So…Happy Birthday, Jim. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday, Bruce!

The wonderful and loquacious Mr Bruce Findlay is 77 today. Here he is pictured with someone masquerading as a “social butterfly” back in the summer of 2018, after a talk he had (with Ian Rankin and Vic Galloway) at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh as part of the Rip It Up exhibition.