The ‘Fidget Arse’ Trio – or… The KERRwalski Triptych

AKA Fiddle Merchant. Some of the negatives I got to view on that first visit to Virginia’s (some four and a half years ago now) were wonderful to see. Actually, all of them were. But it was hard to see much detail in viewing them under magnification.

But once they had been scanned and printed, the detail in many made it a brand new experience seeing them. Take these three, for example. I have A LOT of photos of Jim that are favourites. Most can be viewed and enjoyed on an individual, photo-by-photo basis. By this trio is my favourite in sequence.

Photo one, the focus is on what’s in his hands. What is it he has? Has it got his name on it? I still am not sure what it is. It looks like it’s a key fob, but if so, why would he have his name on it?

The second photo, his focus has waned a little. Perhaps he’s now a little bored? Or his mind is adrift on something?

The final photo, I get the impression Virginia might have seen what I saw in frame two and tried to grab his attention with an “Oi, Jim!”

Whatever finally got his attention to look down the lens…I love it. And I love that his name is clearly visible in what he’s holding. I love those boots. OMG, those boots. And the jeans, and the white shirt.

A Glaswegian Stanley Kowalski. Or is that KERRwalski? “Stellaaaarrrrr!!”

Brooding and beautiful. I love these three.

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