Today’s Earworm – “I’m A Dude…”

Suddenly had Bowie’s version of All The Young Dudes playing in my head this afternoon – thinking about Jim waxing lyrical of his love for Mott The Hoople. Obviously he was in good company, as David gifted them All The Young Dudes as a way of imploring them not to break up. (He had initially offered them Suffragette City but they turned it down.)

It was only just now having listened to the song on YouTube to share it here did I wonder that…do we need to consider Bowie’s version to be a “cover” as he allowed Mott to record it and release it first? I do somehow see it that way. It does somewhat feel that David’s version *is* a cover.

Oh, I miss talking of him…and of other music. I have been so wrapped up in my little SM/Kerr world so strongly lately.

Perhaps I should do something every week for David? I shall think of a themed title and day on which to do it. A replacement for Kerrsday Thursday? Unless I bring that silly bit of sycophancy back! (Heaven forbid!)

Anyway…free-flowing randomness. Here’s the Bowie version of All The Young Dudes.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Earworm – “I’m A Dude…”

  1. Interesting choice of music from David you should choose to gravitate too. I so miss his friendship. When he was in town he would visit now and then. The last time I had started a 40ft. stand-up Therapy Mural down my hallway. He helped me with the top part. Great fun. My favorite song of his is Absolute Beginners, then Lets Dance. Did you know he wrote a book or two under a different name? I also got to see him when he was working with Tin Men Machine a total advent-guard kind of music. We use to talk about creativity is intelligence having fun and always be enfolding in loving energy. He was a self-master of such things. He gave a lot of himself to his fans. One really has to master your love and give it out like the sunshine to spread growth and he surely did a lot of that…. We will all miss that kind of Love….

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