Quit Dreaming…Part Two

A FULL amateur filmed gig from 1991 in Munich has appeared on YouTube. I only stumbled upon it late last night so I haven’t watched much of it. Enough of it to see he was in full scissor kick glory that night – two of them in the space of three minutes. Which then obviously led to a ‘trooser malfunction’ for at around nine minutes he appears to do up his flies. Then he has a problem with his mic and has to wait a bit while they rush to replace it. That’s kind of as far as I got. But from what I saw, considering it is from 1991 and either recorded onto Mini DV or Super 8 and the person is quite a way back in the crowd, it’s looking pretty good!

Easter weekend TARDIS ride. You’re welcome 😊 Thanks to “Schnuckelpferd” for uploading.

4 thoughts on “Quit Dreaming…Part Two

  1. Hi Larelle

    Keep up your blog ! Love reading your little funny stories and all SM related stuff. I go back quite a few years with the minds from hearing I travel when I was 10 years old and I think it’s fair to say it transformed my life . I feel your pain as you go through this hiatus with the band and Jim. But keeping hanging in there …. ‘belief is a beauty thing ‘. Gavin

  2. Dear Larelle,
    Thank you for always finding such great things. Real germs! I love your blog for that, otherwise I would have missed many awesome things from the past and present of SimpleMinds. You really have a good taste. 😉
    Greetings to Scotland and stay healthy, Nadine

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