The Fanboy!

I love this story that George Underwood tells of him and David Bowie going to see Little Richard.

It’s part of Uncut magazine’s big obit to Little Richard. I had read the story some time back – but it bears repeating. If there is really such a thing as heaven and those of us deemed worthy get to walk through those pearly gates, I can imagine David seeing Richard arrive and saying “you took your time! Now…let’s get this party happening!”

Quit Dreaming…Part Two

A FULL amateur filmed gig from 1991 in Munich has appeared on YouTube. I only stumbled upon it late last night so I haven’t watched much of it. Enough of it to see he was in full scissor kick glory that night – two of them in the space of three minutes. Which then obviously led to a ‘trooser malfunction’ for at around nine minutes he appears to do up his flies. Then he has a problem with his mic and has to wait a bit while they rush to replace it. That’s kind of as far as I got. But from what I saw, considering it is from 1991 and either recorded onto Mini DV or Super 8 and the person is quite a way back in the crowd, it’s looking pretty good!

Easter weekend TARDIS ride. You’re welcome 😊 Thanks to “Schnuckelpferd” for uploading.

What’s On The Ryder?

The Sue Ryder, that is! There has been an announcement today from the Sue Ryder charity (who also provide palliative and neurological care for the terminally ill) about an auction with donations of items from various celebrities and musicians.


And they say that, on behalf of Simple Minds, Jim has donated tickets to a Simple Minds gig in 2020, as well as a meet and greet opportunity with the band.

The auction is open to bids now and ends on September 1st, 2019.

There are a few doubters about the legitimacy of this but Sue Ryder is one of the UK’s biggest charities, they are hardly likely to talk about and reveal something like this if it wasn’t legitimate.

Click on the link HERE for full details.

Confirmation Of The Inevitable For Italian Fans – No Tao Gig

Well, at least in local Taormina and Sicilian online press there is confirmation that a touted June 24th gig in Tao is a “no go”.

The gist of the translation of reports from Italian to English seems to indicate that no official word has come from SM as to the validity of this gig, or that they’ve confirmed they are not taking part in it. I’m a little sketchy on that. Either way, that June 24, 2018 reported/listed gig is not on.

Upset not just for Italian fans. Many other Minds fans from accross Europe enjoy the pilgrimage to Jim Kerr’s second home of Taormina. Perhaps it’ll be on for 2019? Only time will tell…

Reports can be read HERE and HERE

Gig One – Glasgow

WOW! What a gig to start on!

Where to begin?! The Anchoress! A short set, but beautiful! I made a very loud, audible whoop when she introduced her song, Bury Me. It’s my favourite on the album and I was so hoping she’d do it. I was just happy :-)) Doesn’t Kill You and PS: Fuck You were fabulous too. They all were 🙂

Catherine was signing her album at the end of her set. I went out to see her as I was asked to buy her CD and a shirt for a friend. Sadly I couldn’t do it as I needed to pay by card and their machine wasn’t working. She posed for a selfie with me, and I am SSOO bad at shots! Lol. Still, a lovely memento anyway. And she was just so lovely to me. Thank you, Catherine!

As for Simple Minds?

Wow!!! Cherisse Osei is…AMAZING!!! The power she has…just OMG!!! 

Jim is still just mesmerising as a performer. He really does have us all eating out of the palm of his hand. And that’s no ogling, fawning, sycophancy talk…it’s just FACT. I hardly watched anyone else. (NOT OGLING!) what I mostly watched was Jim, and then the audience…because the interplay was spellbinding. It was like a magician at work…seeing people agasp as he made his assistant disappear. He just has people gripped.

Highlights for me? All the songs performed from NGD…plus Chelsea Girl…it was a goodun tonight! And…despite not warming to it on the album, I LOVE The American live. SPEED YOUR LOVE TO ME! Beautiful! It is just the most beautiful thing. Gordy’s Andy Warhol too! So joyous. I love it! 

The band are so tight. Just wow.

We got Steve Harley again at the end tonight! Two acoustic gigs, two times Steve Harley has performed with SM. it’s such a fabulous ending. I want Steve at every gig now. Lol

Anyway, I better try and sleep. If the weather allows, I still may do Lochwinnoch tomorrow (later today).

Next up, Liverpool on Monday!

PS: These two randy Scots accosted me during the break between sets, and, well…just look what happened! Lol. Thank you George and Gordon…what a lucky girl I am!

Glasgow Gig Eve

Oh, where do I start?! 

The nerves! Anyone would think I was going to be performing WITH them, I am so tangled up in knots. I feel on the verge of gagging, constantly. 

I wish I could retain this feeling every time I am about to say something stupid or innapropriate to him. It is just SSOO pathetic how much I want this man to like me…and how much I felt I had that…and how much I feel I’ve ruined it.

I want to cry.

Why does it matter so much? I dunno. It just does. I mean…I keep the comparison to Bowie going…but if I ever thought that David would have liked me…if I’d have been able to talk to him and I got a feeling…a sense that he liked me…then I’d have been…utterly gobsmacked. It just…I can’t even think about it!

People have such conflicting things to say. “Never meet your heroes”, some say. Others say “Bollocks to that! I have never been more happy, so and so was the loveliest, friendliest person.” That was me with David Tennant on Monday night. 

When once I felt that (perhaps delusionally all in my head) Jim may have once been happy to meet me…now…it’s all dread. He’ll just frown upon the idea so much…treat me with utter distain. I deserve nothing less.

I am glad to be up in the balcony tomorrow. I will be incognito. I will blend in. He won’t be able to reach me, and perhaps proceed to make a point of ignoring me. 

And I am not saying this because I expected it to happen (ie: meeting him). Far from it…but if it had, the sense that he’d have been happy for me to be there was a nice one. Now…I just dread he will dread it…or worse still, be angry. And so…I will leave it to others, no doubt.

He’ll be happy to see them, and they’ll fuss over him suitably. I will quietly retreat and go back to my hotel room and reflect upon what will no doubt be a wonderful gig. To sleep…per chance to dream…of a time when maybe the situation would have been different. For when my nerves would have been nervous excitement, as they were predominently in Hackney…not fear and dread and loathing (of myself).