Record Store Day 2020

This year’s RSD takes place on Saturday April 18th. There are some things that have piqued my interest, pictured below.

There is also a Steven Wilson mixes edition of Roxy Music’s eponymous debut album. For me, Field Music and kd Lang’s All You Can Eat and Drag would be lovely on vinyl. I used to play those and the Ingenue album SSSOO much. I absolutely ADORE her voice.

There is also the tenuous Simple Minds connected offering of Corporation Of One’s The Real Life – which as I understand it, oddly enough samples the title track from SM’s 1991 album.

Something for the purist, I guess. I can’t say I am that enthusiastic about it, but now I’ve said that, I’ll probably by it. Lol

4 thoughts on “Record Store Day 2020

  1. Sounds good Larellle. Missing is quite good as well and has quite a unique smell of damp from the Clyde .( The vinyl section is in the basement)
    Incidentally I’m well envious of your tour plans . I was actually looking to go to the Cologne gig (as a birthday treat to me 🙂 ) but Ive got a feeling a lot of shows will be cancelled/postponed now.

    • I’ve not been to Missing yet. I keep forgetting to look for it when I’m in that part of the city.
      Yeah…Denmark has been the worry today. I’m just praying it’ll go ahead. Then…my next gigs are Paris and Bordeaux. Who knows?
      I just have my fingers crossed for Copenhagen for now.

    • I’ve checked out Monorail and have some Warm Digits stuff on order with them that I’ll collect on release day. LoveMusic is quite handy too as it is right by Queen Street station and would be handy for RSD itself. SM are due to play Leeds that day, so I’ll be off gigging, but there would be time (maybe) to get to LoveMusic before travelling to Leeds.

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