Marc Maron WTF Podcast – Talks To Duncan Jones

There are very few things I would ever thank the Daily Flail for…this is one such case…churning out something that was, in essence, very old news, but highlighted something that passed me by. No, not what their pointless, typo laced pap was about (that Jones not being a particular fan of music was somehow newsworthy – rather perplexing to most of us, granted, given who he is progeny of…but, hey, to each their own, right?) – but of the interview as a whole and what an interesting interview it has been. I’m only about halfway through it, I think…and I heard the bit…and yeah, it’s weird-ish…I usually regard two types of people with HUGE suspicion – those being music “haters”, or people seemingly completely void of a sense of humour. Heaven forbid if in my life I should EVER stumble across somebody with BOTH!

I am glad to report that Duncan has a very wonderful sense of humour…very evident in the interview. He can be forgiven for his – almost understandable to a degree – indifference to music.

You can listen to Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast featuring his interview with Duncan Jones HERE. Duncan’s interview starts at around the 30 minute mark.

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