Jim, Are You Not Entertained? Podcast Chat

Jim posted about it yesterday, saying he was asked about Mandela.

It’s all well and good they were asking about Mandela Day. As you say, under current circumstances it makes sense.

But I still can’t help but feel pangs of envy. I mean, geez, it’s their SECOND interview in as many years and I can’t even get a look in!

And I know why. I get it. I am not deemed professional. My blog is just a “fan blog”. “Jim and Charlie don’t do blogs.” And I fancy the pants off you and adore you and I know doubt bore you to tears as well. And all that goes against me.

But! As a fan, I have questions. Rather different and specific ones. Not your usual “tell us the story about ‘dot dot dot’”. Maybe that’s what else goes against me also?

No. It’s just this…thing. This overriding feeling I get from you that I bore you rigid and you don’t really want to talk to me. I had my time and now I am “surplus to requirements”.

Man, I wish the shoe was on the other foot – or the feeling was mutual. Lol. But it isn’t. It never will be. I’ll ALWAYS want to talk to you, spend time with you, be near you. 😞😞😞

Anyways, here’s a link to the podcast. I’ve not listened to it yet. Or to the Jools thing yet. I’ll get round to it. When I have finished licking my wounds and wishing for things that will never be. (Reading certain passages of Lanark – man, I feel Alasdair Gray’s anguish over the opposite sex.)



(P.S. I nicked Sir’s selfie. Bite me, Kerr!)


Intrigue: Tunnel 29 – Escaping East Berlin

This story is incredible and the corresponding podcast is one of the best produced podcasts I’ve heard.

Part docu-drama, part narrative by journalist Helena Merriman, it tells the story of Joachim Rudolph, a defector and refugee that escapes from East Berlin in the early months of the enforcement and communist DDR crackdown on the Berlin Wall on the east side in 1961.

Free from the east just a few months, he hatches a plan with some fellow students at university to build a tunnel from the west into the east to free family and friends divided by the wall.

It is a “must listen” piece of amazing true story audio drama.

Broken up into 10 parts and just over 3 hours long, I implore you to take the time to listen.

It’s an incredible story of brute strength, determination, and absolute unabashed heroism!

A link to the BBC Long Reads article on it can be found by clicking HERE

And you can find the podcast link HERE

Classic Scottish Albums Podcast – New Gold Dream

BBC Radio Scotland “Classic Albums” host Davie Scott talks us through New Gold Dream, with input from Jim Kerr, Bruce Findlay, and “rent-a-gob”, Paul Morley (among others).
And…there’s not even a single mention of the bath…even though Jim’s lyrics are discussed quite heavily. (Yep…the old Prip is slowly returning…ever happy to ogle) And you KNOW what I was visualising when we all had to use our imaginations for the visuals of their debut TOTP appearance? That bloody white suit and those black boots. The dyed hair. The pasty make up. Sadly, no nipples on display. Perhaps the BBC didnae allow such FILTH to be aired on a Thursday night? *sigh*

I digress…

Anyway, you can access the podcast HERE – fairly short at around 23 miniutes in length. Roughly Side A of NGD itself. Enjoy!


UPDATE:- I got to thinking…why just sit about imagining it when you can watch it?! Here we go! Mr Snake-Hips on TOTP! HEY, JIM! SHOW US YA NIPS! Lol

Marc Maron WTF Podcast – Talks To Duncan Jones

There are very few things I would ever thank the Daily Flail for…this is one such case…churning out something that was, in essence, very old news, but highlighted something that passed me by. No, not what their pointless, typo laced pap was about (that Jones not being a particular fan of music was somehow newsworthy – rather perplexing to most of us, granted, given who he is progeny of…but, hey, to each their own, right?) – but of the interview as a whole and what an interesting interview it has been. I’m only about halfway through it, I think…and I heard the bit…and yeah, it’s weird-ish…I usually regard two types of people with HUGE suspicion – those being music “haters”, or people seemingly completely void of a sense of humour. Heaven forbid if in my life I should EVER stumble across somebody with BOTH!

I am glad to report that Duncan has a very wonderful sense of humour…very evident in the interview. He can be forgiven for his – almost understandable to a degree – indifference to music.

You can listen to Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast featuring his interview with Duncan Jones HERE. Duncan’s interview starts at around the 30 minute mark.

Memorabilia? Let’s See What I Have In My Box…Goldmine Podcast – Jim Kerr Interview

Nothing THAT rare, that’s for sure! And those acetates are FARKING expensive when they pop up on eBay. Yes! I have looked…but waaay out of my price range for ANY serious contention.

Not sure I would ever have anything he’d want…but if I do…well…perhaps I’d part with it for…certain…”favours”….😂😂😂😂😂

Dang! I don’t have anything THAT rare…and I can dream on. Whoever has those Jean Genie lyrics though…(not me, sadly!)…the world’s your oyster (queue Holly Johnson style menacing laugh).

The interview is fab…and oh, how I wish I could have this kind of time with him.

Dream. Dream. Dream…

You can listen to the interview by clicking the image below (Jim is on from about the 19 minute mark):

What’s The Hold Up?

KX 93.5 are being very slow with their release of the podcast of show number three of Jim’s radio show. I actually don’t get why there is such a delay. It’s a pre-record anyway. Jim recorded these shows several weeks back…so why does the podcast take so damn long to be put up on the page?

Luckily this week I recorded it as a back up, so if KX 93.5 don’t pull their finger out soon, we’ll have it here to listen to.

UPDATE: HERE AT LAST! Alive And Kicking with Jim Kerr: Show 3 Podcast