Capital City Curious Kerr

Taken to YouTube for something and this appeared on my homepage. It had been a while, so I had to watch it.

Geez he’s mesmerising! I know these days when I watch these early performances that he’s most likely off his tits…but it doesn’t make it any less fascinating. Each time I view one of these performances with a renewed sense of “how the f*** did I not know that Simple Minds and Jim Kerr were like this?! It’s UNREAL! WHY did it take me so damn long to discover this?!”

And each time I have that TARDIS wish. I know! We can’t go back in time…we haven’t perfected time travel, and these old clips shared on YT are the nearest thing I’ll ever get…but I still dream.

And I still can’t believe I could make a piece of art like this from such a sketchy bit of footage.

I know! Nostalgia trip number 427…sorry!

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