The Dilemma And Tussle Is Real…

My friend Claudia shared this meme on her Facebook timeline earlier. I replied to her saying “I want this to be true, but I am not convinced”.

I went on to say…”Still…you only lose by NOT doing it…so what is there to lose? (Other than maybe some self-respect? Lol) This is me…every day…when I’ve done a new piece of SM artwork. That eternal “do I bother Jim with it?” Because…will my persistence pay off? Or will it just piss him off? Does *he* want me to persevere? He admires people who aren’t quitters. So…do I badger him? And do I keep badgering him?”

And there lies that eternal dilemma. Some 18 months ago, he replied to me posting two pieces in one day on the SMO wall saying “want to see them all” (my pieces)…is this still true some 18 months down the track? 

I can’t judge it. So do I just doggedly continue on? Or do I now let him seek me out? And how arrogant/naive is that?

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