Dublin Extras – Gigs 8-9 – Part One

Part one of a final selection of Dublin pics.

I loved this “nattering ladies” sculpture.

Of course, I had to join them in their conversation…

The food there was delicious. Anyone care for a warm chocolate brownie and a dollop of cream? 

And this was in the cafe we had the brownie in. I little Simple Minds connection there…

The Heineken building is a great marker for getting your bearings/orientation around Dublin. 

Kinda like a SM shop…but not.

As an Aussie, the name of this place gave me a giggle. Police vans in Australia are nicknamed “paddywagons”.

As I said…the food there was delicious. One amazing place was called Cornucopia. Wow! Such awesome vegetarian and vegan food…and many other dietary variations too, including gluten free and all sorts. See below part pf the menu board…

We had the stew…

And dessert…

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