Dublin Extras – Gigs 8-9 – And Finally… Part Six

And this is where all the visual memories and mementos of my Acoustic “gig hop” Tour come to rest. What an amazing three weeks it was! Nine Simple Minds gigs in 21 days! I may never get to repeat it…but I hope I do. I get the feeling the 40th anniversary is going to be EPIC. I just CANNOT wait (but my finances are at least happy for the recovery time!).

The Long Room at Trinity College – honestly! This place was straight out of the library scene from Beauty And The Beast…and I felt like Belle…my jaw dropped! 

To the left…

To the right…

It even had a magical spiral staircase…

One last “wow” shot…

One of the reasons why a trip to Trinity College was so important to me…its ties with this man…James Joyce. I derived such imagery of Dublin having read Dubliners and A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man…it was always part of the draw why I had wanted to visit Dublin for so long. 

One final amazing meal at Cornucopia…

Every table has a fresh rose…

A bit of Oz everywhere I turned. Lol

And one final souvenir/memento I bought myself…a beautiful celtic cross pendant. 

Dublin Extras – Gig 8-9 – Part Five

More extras from Dublin – penultimate set of photos…

I saw and felt quite a few similarities between Dublin and Sydney…it was the last thing I expected, actually. 

The day of gig No. 2. Selfie attempt number one – not bad (could do without the “orange peel” right arm). I SSSOOO wanted an Acoustic shirt for gig night…but the largest size they had in the regular unisex shirt was a Medium…but in the ladies fitted shirt they had a 2XL (that SOUNDS generous…but the ladies fitted shirts really ARE *fitted*)…so, being allowed to try one over the shirt I was in, I thought I’ll try it and won’t even get it over my tits – NO ONE was more surprised than me that it actually kind of fitted! I felt quite self-conscious in it…but at least I could wear an Acoustic shirt for the final night 🙂

That’s better! Even managed to hide the old “bingo wings”.

One last one – for good measure. Miss Sultry Specs. Lol. Crazy thing is, I have my glasses on…but did I take the shot in focus? Lol. No! 

I never got to find out. Didn’t try one. Can’t imagine I would have liked it…

Pictures of rock stars adorn the walls through to the seating areas of the Olympia…I spied this dude on the way to my seat on night one. Not sure if I’ve heard of that band before. I must check them out…their singer looks pretty dishy 😉

Now, THIS GUY I *had* heard of! And I have been following him for as long as I have been wanting to go to Dublin. Now, if I had been able to combine DB and Dublin…that would have been something! Oh…but my two Simple Minds shows were really very, very special…

There he is again. Gone…but never, ever forgotten. Love you forever, David x

The ceiling of the Olympia had this beautiful celtic cross decoration to it… 

Post-gig. On the barmen’s recommendation…a shot of Yellow Spot whisky….coming in at €11 per shot! (And that wasn’t the most expensive…it was mid range)

Very nice it was too.

Dublin Extras – Gig 8-9 – Part Four

From the visit to Trinity College and the Book of Kells…

Book of Kells guide leaflet with poem of Pangur Bán inside.

The wording of Pangur Bán reminded me so much of Jim. Esp. the “Hunting words I sit all night” – the anecdote he tells (or has been told of him) of sitting in his parents kitchen at night, with just a lamp as a light source…writing stories when younger, on to writing lyrics when he starts his professional craft. And also “I get wisdom day and night / Turning darkness into light” – which is primarily what he does with his songwriting.

I couldn’t quite believe I was there!

A map of the college…again, it was a real *pinch yourself* moment. Some 30 odd years I have wanted to visit Dublin…and Trinity College was the number one priority for a visit.

An amazing mural on one of the college buildings…

Not sure who this guy is…but he’s obviously important to the college.

Bust-ing out in the Long Room…

The best pic I could get of the beautiful Brian Boru harp.

Dublin Extras – Gigs 8-9 – Part Three


Royston Brady? Sounds a little too like Royston Vasey to me (fictional town name from The League of Gentlemen). Lol


View of the Liffey from the Ha’penny Bridge.


From another angle.


Ans another angle.


Yet another…(yes, I loved the Liffey and Ha’penny Bridge :-))


Another plaque.


The bridge itself!


Lovely wooden walkway along the Liffey.


Another view of the bridge itself.

Dublin Extras – Gigs 8-9 – Part One

Part one of a final selection of Dublin pics.

I loved this “nattering ladies” sculpture.

Of course, I had to join them in their conversation…

The food there was delicious. Anyone care for a warm chocolate brownie and a dollop of cream? 

And this was in the cafe we had the brownie in. I little Simple Minds connection there…

The Heineken building is a great marker for getting your bearings/orientation around Dublin. 

Kinda like a SM shop…but not.

As an Aussie, the name of this place gave me a giggle. Police vans in Australia are nicknamed “paddywagons”.

As I said…the food there was delicious. One amazing place was called Cornucopia. Wow! Such awesome vegetarian and vegan food…and many other dietary variations too, including gluten free and all sorts. See below part pf the menu board…

We had the stew…

And dessert…

Drury Lane Extras – Gig Seven

Extra selection of photos from the Simple Minds Acoustic Drury Lane gig (sightseeing and otherwise).

A late lunch/early tea at the Museum Tavern…directly across the road from the British Museum (hence the name!). I had the camenbert and beetroot open pie – which was rather delicious – and very filling!

Reccie in progress…


Does Jim use a Vespa in London too?

Or, for this night at least…gigland!

One final pic with Catherine 🙂

The Theatre Royal is beautiful! 

Just to show just HOW pathetic my atyempts at getting a good photo of Gordy and I together was…I give you exhibits A and B (to be fair, Jim had just appeared from the stage door so…I was a little pre-occupied. I’m pretty sure I even said, “Sorry, Gordy…but it’s Jim! I’ll be back!” THAT IS SSOOO TERRIBLE!)

“I’m sorry about that, Gordy. Can we please try again?” Another pathetic attempt AFTER handing Jim his gifts. Poor Gordy! What a lovely, lovely man he is. Just…honestly. I’m so horrible! He was an absolute star every time. Mr Goudie, from the bottom of my heart, I apologise profusely. 

That Hokusai exhibition though…

Bristol Extras – Gig Five

Tried to take pics of the whole band – with varying degrees of success. Definitely need a newer, better camera!

This one of Charlie turned out quite good. I was happy with this one.

Not as good. Blurry, and Charlie looks a bit grumpy (trust me to get the ever-smiling CB looking grumpy AF. Lol)

Tried with Cherisse and snapped part of Sir’s tummy instead. Lol (Sorry, Sir!)

My attempt to snap Sir is the epitome of how I feel being near him – blurry, out of focus, in a haze! Lol. (I can’t apologise enough, lovely man.) I shouldn’t even share it, really. But, hey, might as well continue to show how crap I can be artistically (and not just artistically…in general).

Not a bad one of Ged. Let down by composition and “obstacles”…


One day I may succeed in getting a fab picture of Gordy.

Sorry Sarah. Snapped at just the wrong nano second :-/

Maybe this mounted police officer I saw in Bristol the following day as I made my way back home should have arrested me for crimes against photography. Lol

Extras – London Palladium – Gig Four

Some choice extras. I’m not far from London, so, it wasn’t really a day for sightseeing (only got back from Bridlington the evening prior, so London was as late a start as I felt comfortable enough to give it). These extra images will be mostly gig related. Fairly poor quality as I wanted to travel light, so just took my phone and not my other camera.

Brilliant Brid Extras – Gig Three

At Kings Cross on my way up to Bridlington. Had to take a snap of this for my nieces…
Third gig in and I’m already looking “rooted”, as us Aussies would say. Lol

Looking a “little” better in this one – Bridlington bound – on the train up.

A view of the Humber Bridge from the train.

The “not so” big red truck parked up outside The Spa.

That piano those two kids asked me to go and watch them play. I still think about those two. I hope they’re okay.

By Jove, Mrs! Look who else is coming to town!

Adrian and I at the merch stand, between sets.

The Spa in the sun the following morning.

Wish I’d thought to ask for one of these like Birdy did when we were in Brighton. Would have been a fab souvenir. But, so much else happened at Brid, it would have been greedy!