Brilliant Brid Extras – Gig Three

At Kings Cross on my way up to Bridlington. Had to take a snap of this for my nieces…
Third gig in and I’m already looking “rooted”, as us Aussies would say. Lol

Looking a “little” better in this one – Bridlington bound – on the train up.

A view of the Humber Bridge from the train.

The “not so” big red truck parked up outside The Spa.

That piano those two kids asked me to go and watch them play. I still think about those two. I hope they’re okay.

By Jove, Mrs! Look who else is coming to town!

Adrian and I at the merch stand, between sets.

The Spa in the sun the following morning.

Wish I’d thought to ask for one of these like Birdy did when we were in Brighton. Would have been a fab souvenir. But, so much else happened at Brid, it would have been greedy! 

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