I Miss Great Dreams And Great Hugs

And at Bridlington, exactly five months after this post…the dream came true. Not exactly to the letter…but pretty darn near to! I was on his left side, he pulled me in and pulled me to his side. I was too scared to reciprocate and put my arms around him – as much as I would have died to have done it! But…I did rest my head on his chest which was…heaven…for the 10-15 seconds (rather than minutes) it lasted.

I miss hugs. I miss him.

Christmas Dreams

Nothing Has Ever Felt So Good…

As that…”embrace”. I genuinely never wanted it to end! I’m ssooo glad this photo exists because I never wanted this moment to end…and at least with the magic of photography, in a sense that moment WILL last forever. I’ll never forget the feeling of it, ever.

And…it feels like it was a time in which he liked me.

Today, looking back at these photos and memories – seeing a bit of FB Live filming I did from the seafront – I really, REALLY regret letting Jim walk by as he passed me on the promenade. HE BLOODY WAVED AT ME! I’m such a fucking idiot! Lol. I don’t know what he thought afterwards. Lol. Maybe he was walking along thinking “I thought this chick was into me? She cannae be that much.” Lol

Something of the type must have crossed his mind as, later, just a few moments before this photo was taken when Adrian (the photobomber) had asked if he could have a photo with Jim, Jim replied, “Sure. She (looking at me) doesn’t want one.” Sadly I remember my rather pathetic “I do!” reply. Lol. I still wish I had said “And a photo! BOOM BOOM!” I mean, shit, he even set the innuendo up for me and I didn’t even bite! Lol.

Too awestruck. Dumbstruck.
Dumb fuck! Lol

Anyway…Bridlington 2017 will remain forever special.

Halcyon days.

Philatelist Anorak

I may just turn Jim into one too. Lol. Given the Bowie postcards and stamps I have sent him. Well, here’s a new addition. And of course, now he’s in Sicily, writing posts thanking people for all the gifts and “stuff” they have left, it’ll appear I am “bandwagon-ing” – but I bought this earlier in the week…before it was even known he was over there.

And seeing as I’m sure he never visits this pathetic excuse for a Simple Minds blog…I’m sure it’ll be safe to reveal what I got him. He can consider it an early Christmas present! I’m sure the soon-to-be (on May 25th, 1967) eight year old Jim Kerr would have loved this. Let’s hope that inner child springs eternal in the 58 year old version.

It’s only now, sharing these pics, did I take in the significance of the date of this anniversary year. May 25th, 2017. Bridlington! Well, that will now always be a very special date for me. Perhaps not the first time I met him…but the best meeting I had with him. It’ll be with me all the rest of my days. Disown me if you must, Sir…but I will never stop thanking you, or adoring you.

I flippin pray to god you don’t already have a copy!

(The only thing I did in altering these pics was obscure the number in the run of 5000 that Jim will be getting. That’s for his eyes only!)

Brilliant Brid Extras – Gig Three

At Kings Cross on my way up to Bridlington. Had to take a snap of this for my nieces…
Third gig in and I’m already looking “rooted”, as us Aussies would say. Lol

Looking a “little” better in this one – Bridlington bound – on the train up.

A view of the Humber Bridge from the train.

The “not so” big red truck parked up outside The Spa.

That piano those two kids asked me to go and watch them play. I still think about those two. I hope they’re okay.

By Jove, Mrs! Look who else is coming to town!

Adrian and I at the merch stand, between sets.

The Spa in the sun the following morning.

Wish I’d thought to ask for one of these like Birdy did when we were in Brighton. Would have been a fab souvenir. But, so much else happened at Brid, it would have been greedy! 

The American – Bridlington – Gig Three

It wasn’t the best footage I captured, but it’s still a lovely memory to have of a wonderful gig (despite the crowd’s best efforts to pour a dampener on it. You can see from my position, just how few people I saw were standing up). It’ll remain one of the most special gigs of the tour for me.

Videos Of Bridlington – Gig Three

Adding some more memories not yet shared from this Simple Minds Acoustic “gig hop” Tour. Stuff from Brilliant Brid coming up…

A view of the seafront the morning after the gig (and THE MEETING!). It’s a lovely place. If SM play there again in future, I’m definitely taking the trip up!

Crossing The Humber Bridge, getting the coach back from Hull. Only saw it from a distance on the train in…didn’t realise we’d be crossing it on the coach on the way back.