Drury Lane Extras – Gig Seven

Extra selection of photos from the Simple Minds Acoustic Drury Lane gig (sightseeing and otherwise).

A late lunch/early tea at the Museum Tavern…directly across the road from the British Museum (hence the name!). I had the camenbert and beetroot open pie – which was rather delicious – and very filling!

Reccie in progress…


Does Jim use a Vespa in London too?

Or, for this night at least…gigland!

One final pic with Catherine 🙂

The Theatre Royal is beautiful! 

Just to show just HOW pathetic my atyempts at getting a good photo of Gordy and I together was…I give you exhibits A and B (to be fair, Jim had just appeared from the stage door so…I was a little pre-occupied. I’m pretty sure I even said, “Sorry, Gordy…but it’s Jim! I’ll be back!” THAT IS SSOOO TERRIBLE!)

“I’m sorry about that, Gordy. Can we please try again?” Another pathetic attempt AFTER handing Jim his gifts. Poor Gordy! What a lovely, lovely man he is. Just…honestly. I’m so horrible! He was an absolute star every time. Mr Goudie, from the bottom of my heart, I apologise profusely. 

That Hokusai exhibition though…

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