Dublin Extras – Gig 8-9 – Part Five

More extras from Dublin – penultimate set of photos…

I saw and felt quite a few similarities between Dublin and Sydney…it was the last thing I expected, actually. 

The day of gig No. 2. Selfie attempt number one – not bad (could do without the “orange peel” right arm). I SSSOOO wanted an Acoustic shirt for gig night…but the largest size they had in the regular unisex shirt was a Medium…but in the ladies fitted shirt they had a 2XL (that SOUNDS generous…but the ladies fitted shirts really ARE *fitted*)…so, being allowed to try one over the shirt I was in, I thought I’ll try it and won’t even get it over my tits – NO ONE was more surprised than me that it actually kind of fitted! I felt quite self-conscious in it…but at least I could wear an Acoustic shirt for the final night 🙂

That’s better! Even managed to hide the old “bingo wings”.

One last one – for good measure. Miss Sultry Specs. Lol. Crazy thing is, I have my glasses on…but did I take the shot in focus? Lol. No! 

I never got to find out. Didn’t try one. Can’t imagine I would have liked it…

Pictures of rock stars adorn the walls through to the seating areas of the Olympia…I spied this dude on the way to my seat on night one. Not sure if I’ve heard of that band before. I must check them out…their singer looks pretty dishy 😉

Now, THIS GUY I *had* heard of! And I have been following him for as long as I have been wanting to go to Dublin. Now, if I had been able to combine DB and Dublin…that would have been something! Oh…but my two Simple Minds shows were really very, very special…

There he is again. Gone…but never, ever forgotten. Love you forever, David x

The ceiling of the Olympia had this beautiful celtic cross decoration to it… 

Post-gig. On the barmen’s recommendation…a shot of Yellow Spot whisky….coming in at €11 per shot! (And that wasn’t the most expensive…it was mid range)

Very nice it was too.

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