5×5 Live Dublin Mini Set – YouTube

A lovely 30 minute chunk of Simple Minds recorded in Dublin in March, 2012. Really nicely done. Fine video work, Trevor. Thank you so much for filming it and taking the care to add better audio. Excellent work!

For those of us who missed the tour, this is as near to a TARDIS as we’ll get.

Geez, how I’d love there to be another 5×5 style tour. I know it won’t happen. I guess Jim thinks he’s just too past it for that stuff now. The more time moves on, the more gutted I am that my diehard fandom didn’t take in 2006, for had it done so, I know I’d have been at as many 5×5 shows as I could have afforded to be at on that tour.


“Regrets. I’ve had a few, but then again….PROBABLY JUST THIS ONE!”

Another Magic Nine?

Since I booked the gigs last night, I had in my head that I had 8 SM gigs booked for next year, convinced I had (without really thinking in those terms to begin with) fallen one short of this magical 9 figure I’d fallen upon these past couple of years.
But…obviously I was neglecting to tally my numbers right…perhaps mislead by the unexpected Bordeaux addition.
A recount and lo! Look where we are…
What is it with me and nine SM gigs a year? Lol

Where does this mysterious nine figure come from? How have I arrived at it? Jim’s shoe size? Erm…inches? Lol (I’m selling him too short by all accounts there!) Centimetres of Charlie’s Cuban heels? The number of plectrums Charlie has on stage with him? Number of Toblerones on the rider?

Answers on a postcard, sent on to Glasgow G22 – I’ll collect them in a couple of weeks 👍🏻

Prip’s 2020 Gig Hop!

It’s a bit more spaced out than 2017 and the Acoustic tour. A little bit more like the stop-start of last year’s gigs.

So…on the menu we have…

Copenhagen (and OMG I can take in some Hans Christian Andersen history too!)

Paris (the venue is a stunning building right on the Seine…I mean…IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIVER – it’ll be akin to going to the Sydney Opera House. Oh My God!!!)

Leeds (really enjoyed last year’s gig at Leeds – though this is obviously a different venue and experience this time round)

Dublin (had to go back to Dublin – just a regular GA ticket there)

A finale in Glasgow and I have gone for a soundcheck experience. Yes!

Woe-gan House Freeze Off – “40” Tour Dates, 2020

I “wakened up” (as a certain Mr Kerr would say) at 3.30am having had a mixed and slightly fitful sleep. The reason? I had decided when it was announced Jim would be on the Zoe Ball Breakfast show on Radio 2 a couple of weeks back to bite the bullet and head on in to see him. Well…that was the hope.

My thinking being…if the news is big enough that he’s on with Zoe Ball, he’ll be there in the studio, NOT on the phone!

I got myself ready and had a taxi booked by 4.30am. My target was the 5.08am train to St Pancras.

I was actually running early and made the 4.50am train in! I got to St Pancras at 5.30am and made my target of being outside Wogan House (adjacent to Broadcasting House, where the Radio 2 studios are based) by 6.15am.

The celeb spotting started almost immediately with Paul Gambaccini leaving the building just a few minutes after I arrived.

Also shortly after I arrived, a man appeared and stood near me.

Firstly, there was no Zoe Ball. Nicki Chapman was presenting for her this morning. That was the first slight worry.

I was listening in while standing outside freezing my tits off. Ian Waite appeared and walked through the doors. Then some 45 minutes later he left again.

And just before 8am, Ken Bruce appeared and walked in.

After the Strictly news with Ian Waite, Nicki said “and Jim Kerr will be coming in later…” and I thought “OMG! YES! I have made the right choice coming down here!

Subsequent mentions after that she had changed it to “and I’ll be chatting to Jim Kerr…” Oh, shit! Why have you changed the wording, Nicki?

Once the 8am news happened I was thinking “he’ll be here soon. He’ll be here soon. Any minute now.” Then there was a thing on Thunderbirds. “Okay, any minute he should turn up. He’ll be on soon. Come on, Jim! Where are you?”

Then the traffic report happens. And then it all became too clear as Nicki said “I’ll be talking to Jim Kerr next.” Well…he hadn’t appeared. There are no other doors for him to enter through. FUCK! He’s phoning in from Glasgow!


As much as I was thinking before today “it’s the risk I take. If he’s there, he’s there. If not then…I won’t get disheartened.” Pfffft! That’s what I DELUDED myself into believing anyway.

So, he was a no show. The man who came and stood near me had been with me the whole time. As soon as it was apparent Jim was not coming, so walked off. So he was obviously waiting for Jim too. At least I wasn’t the only saddo hoping against hope. Lol.

I walked off too…but was still listening to the show and Jim talking to Nicki. I heard the song too, which, did not register with me until today is a King Creosote cover! Of course!

So…the first gig I have lined up for 2020 has more significance than I first anticipated. But NOW…I may see a Simple Minds gig BEFORE King Creosote. For we had TOUR NEWS! Jim actually did announce a European/UK tour for Feb/Mar/April 2020. See below! Obviously all further details are available through Simple Minds’ various social media.

And so, despite trying not to be disappointed about not seeing Jim…I was a little. You know. It was an effort. Up at 3.30am. Out the door at 4.30am. At Wogan House by 6.15am. Stood there until 8.40am, freezing to death as I had not put enough layers on, needing the loo, but also thirsty and gasping for coffee.

I consoled myself by going to a Starbucks and having a spiced pumpkin latte and a lemon muffin.

I then walked for miles and ended up at Shaftsbury Ave and into China Town. I just walked about wasting time.

More compensation, this time in the form of a chai latte and (see pic) a lovely slice of passionfruit cake.

I had a gift with me for Jim. It’ll have to wait for a future time.

Finally…for your lugholes…here’s For One Night Only (unless you are a MEGA Simple Minds fan! One night is NEVER enough! Lol. And I mean all the innuendo that is laced with. Yes! Lol)

I’m off for a lie down!

Thank YOU, KT (Operation Stay Away – Day 3)

And…he talks of KT, and I still need to sort out all my ticket stubs and the wonderful souvenir of KT’s plectrum caught on the first night in Dublin. I will never forget hearing It Took Me So Long To Get Here But Here I Am and how much it resonated with me and brought happy tears to my eyes. Thank you, KT…you’re a star! ❤️

(And how have I never taken in before it has Jim’s name on it? Lol. Well…Jim Dunlop)

Dublin Extras – Gigs 8-9 – And Finally… Part Six

And this is where all the visual memories and mementos of my Acoustic “gig hop” Tour come to rest. What an amazing three weeks it was! Nine Simple Minds gigs in 21 days! I may never get to repeat it…but I hope I do. I get the feeling the 40th anniversary is going to be EPIC. I just CANNOT wait (but my finances are at least happy for the recovery time!).

The Long Room at Trinity College – honestly! This place was straight out of the library scene from Beauty And The Beast…and I felt like Belle…my jaw dropped! 

To the left…

To the right…

It even had a magical spiral staircase…

One last “wow” shot…

One of the reasons why a trip to Trinity College was so important to me…its ties with this man…James Joyce. I derived such imagery of Dublin having read Dubliners and A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man…it was always part of the draw why I had wanted to visit Dublin for so long. 

One final amazing meal at Cornucopia…

Every table has a fresh rose…

A bit of Oz everywhere I turned. Lol

And one final souvenir/memento I bought myself…a beautiful celtic cross pendant. 

Dublin Extras – Gig 8-9 – Part Five

More extras from Dublin – penultimate set of photos…

I saw and felt quite a few similarities between Dublin and Sydney…it was the last thing I expected, actually. 

The day of gig No. 2. Selfie attempt number one – not bad (could do without the “orange peel” right arm). I SSSOOO wanted an Acoustic shirt for gig night…but the largest size they had in the regular unisex shirt was a Medium…but in the ladies fitted shirt they had a 2XL (that SOUNDS generous…but the ladies fitted shirts really ARE *fitted*)…so, being allowed to try one over the shirt I was in, I thought I’ll try it and won’t even get it over my tits – NO ONE was more surprised than me that it actually kind of fitted! I felt quite self-conscious in it…but at least I could wear an Acoustic shirt for the final night 🙂

That’s better! Even managed to hide the old “bingo wings”.

One last one – for good measure. Miss Sultry Specs. Lol. Crazy thing is, I have my glasses on…but did I take the shot in focus? Lol. No! 

I never got to find out. Didn’t try one. Can’t imagine I would have liked it…

Pictures of rock stars adorn the walls through to the seating areas of the Olympia…I spied this dude on the way to my seat on night one. Not sure if I’ve heard of that band before. I must check them out…their singer looks pretty dishy 😉

Now, THIS GUY I *had* heard of! And I have been following him for as long as I have been wanting to go to Dublin. Now, if I had been able to combine DB and Dublin…that would have been something! Oh…but my two Simple Minds shows were really very, very special…

There he is again. Gone…but never, ever forgotten. Love you forever, David x

The ceiling of the Olympia had this beautiful celtic cross decoration to it… 

Post-gig. On the barmen’s recommendation…a shot of Yellow Spot whisky….coming in at €11 per shot! (And that wasn’t the most expensive…it was mid range)

Very nice it was too.