Popularity Contests…

I really don’t know what’s going on with Jim, I don’t. How could I ever? I don’t know him the slightest bit, personally. But he certainly knows enough about me…and I felt he used it as ammunition TWICE, in recent replies to me.

Today he brought up poor Annick’s post to the visitor wall – AGAIN! As if he didn’t make her feel bad enough for the first time round, singling her out, getting all the sycphants on board, agreeing with him.

As I said in my previous post…I EMPATHISE WITH BOTH SIDES! Jim owes us nothing! We paid for our ticket, he performed on stage for us. That’s the exchange. Unless with ticket price distinctly says “meet and greet”, all we have paid for is a performance that starts roughly at 9pm and usually has to end via curfew at 11pm. That’s it. 

When time allows, when the mood dictates, he’ll meet us. 

IT ISN’T A GIVEN! I read some fans recently saying they INSISTED getting a photo with him, after he explained he was tired and was pressed for time. That is JUST AS WRONG! To insist with him like that. If he told me he was tired, there wasn’t time. I’d be disappointed but would wholeheartened understand. 

No one gets my anguish about meeting him, I don’t think. 

I don’t want to be in the position of Annick. Waiting there for him, only to see him for a fleeting second while he gets straight on the tour bus and the door closes. And so, I would rather not try in the first place and save myself that deflated feeling.

He will in all likelihood never have the desire to meet me, as I do him (for a time…oh, how I deluded myself he might actually want to meet me too. Sad sap!).

If nothing else, my reply to him earlier (I like to think) made him reword the post and remove what he’d said in relation to Annick. A shame that he forgets that Facebook leaves a viewable edit history for all to see…so it still remains, just not within the main thread of the visible post.

The constant “popularity contest” is getting a bit tiring now. I can well understand him wanting to share rave reviews from fans…but they are interspersed with contradictory highlights of fans for 30+ years being thanked…and new young fans being thanked…fans that have gone to 17 million gigs being thanked….fans that have travelled from Tuvalu being thanked.

Recently, he told a fan “there are no ‘us fans’. Fans are indivdual.” That may be true…be we are collective in our love of the band. That’s the thing that unites us…

Whether we are a fan of 30 years, or 3 years….been to 355 gigs, or 3 gigs….aged 6, or 46.

I am getting so tired of proving my worth as a fan to this man. I dunno! Prehaps it’s what he wants? He just wants me to fuck off? For a man that seems to fuss over and appreciate long-term fans, he’s got a funny way of showing how much he wants to keep newer fans so THEY in turn become long-term fans also. 

Utterly perplexing… 

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