Progressing? (Backwards…)

Worked on the face for two hours today. Took my time fixing the little intricacies, and now (once again having taken a photo of it to show the “progression”) it feels pooey AGAIN. When I stopped I was happy. I really liked what I had fixed. He once again looked great with my own eyes…and then I took a picture. Two pictures in fact.

Maybe once I decrease the forehead, get the nose right, do a tad more work on the lips, possibly adjust the left eye (worried it’s slightly too narrow now), fix the ears, put the hair in…and the neck and shoulder detail…once ALL THAT is done?! 

God help me. Lol

Why do I ever want to try and paint him?

And just for good measure…I filmed it too. The link to “frustrated Luton artist” is below.

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