Ginny Gems – Part Six – Kenny Captured

A couple of pictures VT took of Kenny Hyslop during a Minds gig at the Edinburgh Odeon in 1981. I know his time with them was brief, lasting just on a year, but it’s him we hear on Promised You A Miracle…and he has a fab style…and was pretty dishy too!

And backsatge after, the bhoys receiving special plaques for a sell-out run of gigs at the Edinburgh Odeon. 

I get the feeling that Ginny, like quite a few of us, only had eyes for Jim. Of course, he is the frontman after all, so the onus and centre-of-attention should naturally fall to him…but…she takes him out of the moment, gets him to smile to the camera. She’s not merely capturing a moment, but making him the centre of it. Loving your work, Ginny! 😉

One thought on “Ginny Gems – Part Six – Kenny Captured

  1. Just discovered your excellent pics, I’m afraid I don’t have a good word to say about The Minds as I never received a penny for my contribution to Promised you a Miracle, after giving them the musical idea. I hope you are still taking great pics.

    Kind regards,
    Kenny Hyslop

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