Commissioned Work For Simple Minded

This was something totally unexpected and wonderful! I was approached in early November to do a tour poster for Simple Minded – THE best Simple Minds tribute band in the entire universe!

I was very, very excited…but very, very nervous too! All the art I had ever done so far was for me, really. “For me” in the sense that the only person I ever needed to impress and make happy was myself. Having others react favourabley to them (Jim, especially) has been a wonderful bonus. And definitely without Jim’s positive reaction to some of my pieces, I’d have never tried to make something of the “art malarkey” and try to make a living for myself.

Working on a commissioned piece was something very different and a completely new experience for me. Would my work pass muster? Will I make them happy with what I deliver? 

There are days I get disheartened, in general, with the art. 

But then there are days like today. Praise for my work. Positive feedback, not just from the guys that matter most, Simple Minded, but from their fans too. 

Thank you so much to George and everyone at Simple Minded for such an amazing opportunity. It really has meant the world to me. And I am so thrilled you guys are happy with my work.

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