Glasgow Is A Go!

Unlike my previous (and first!) trip to Glasgow, my next trip up is all sorted!

The logistics of my first trip was all out of my hands…but it, mercifully, worked out OK.

This time, I was in charge of the whens and wherefores, so I wanted to sort it out as early as possible.

I’m flying up to Glasgow. I live 2 miles from Luton airport…I may as well take advantage of that! I can fly up on a shoe string. The fare is CRAZY cheap! It costs me half as much for a return train to London (30 miles away!) and would cost me twice as much to take a train to Glasgow (and I’d have to get to London first!), so it really is a no-brainer.

My flight leaves Luton at 8.50am. All going well I should be in Glasgow city centre by about 11am. I’ll be travelling VERY light (unlike last time!). Enough time for a bite to eat…maybe a little jaunt…a walk along the Clyde or something. A short rest (knowing me, I’ll be as tired as hell due to a mix of lack of sleep and adrenalin-fuelled anticipation). I’ll assume the gig will start at 8.00pm.

I’m staying at a Travelodge just a quarter of a mile away. Being so close to the venue…and having nothing to do but sleep once I get back there…I may just try to see if I can meet Sir backstage…but, we’ll see. 

I don’t need to check-out the next day until midday and my flight home isn’t until 8.45pm…so I’ll have another full day in Glasgow to explore the place. I may try and go “off the beaten track” a bit more this time. Or, perhaps try and take in a different aspect of culture. Or…perhaps the Kelvingrove will lure me back? Or, I’ll get to explore the Necropolis this time? At least Tantrum Doughnuts will be open BOTH days this time! Lol (priorities!) Or, I’ll find this bloody tour bus this time round.

Anyway…to say I’m excited at returning to Glasgow is an understatement. Thankfully, all I have left to do is count the days…all 171 of them! (As of today)

UPDATE: And look what showed up just a few hours after I posted this blog entry…

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