I Have Died And Gone To Christmas HEAVEN! 

I must stay calm while I type this out. 


OK…this is the full episode of the Bing Crosby Christmas special. The one. THE ONE…with David Bowie in it, dueting with Bing on Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth. But…not only are the rest of the Crosby family in it…Twiggy is in it…Ron Moody is in it…and…


S T A N L EY  B A X T E R!!!!


Lol. I have been this over the moon for the past hour! Lol. I don’t care that’s it is still November…this is FREAKING AWESOME! The only thing that could have made it MORE awesome was if Stanley and David had shared a scene together. No such luck, sadly…BUT…OH MY GOD!!!!

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