Had A Vinyl Spin Tonight

Some newly acquired stuff by The Anchoress, a touch of Minds, and a play of Blackstar.

This really is my current favourite version of Promised You A Miracle. Jim’s vocal is right up in the mix on this. I love it!

I like the stuff on the Acoustic album, I do. But there are tracks I like more than others. And that’s all good. We don’t have to love EVERY single album…and we don’t have to love EVERY single song on EVERY single album. And we’ll all have our favourite different versions of songs. I’m thankful I am not so closed-minded or block-eared to just love studio originals, and nothing else. I love demos, remixes, reworks. It’s healthy…and Simple Minds are great at it! If you want to keep the band in your own nostalgic little chocolate box, by all means, go ahead! But that is never what this band has been about. I would never diss them or deny them their change of style. I’m going to see them four times next year, FFS! Lol. I do love the acoustic project on the whole. I love them.

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