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Brian McGee – Simple Minds’ original drummer. 

Tonight, the blog will be showing appreciation for Brian McGee. Yes, Mel Gaynor is a wonderful, amazing drummer…but let us not forget that Simple Minds started out with just as much an amazing drummer in the form of Brian McGee. 

When looking into info on Brian for this night of appreciation – my mind was flipping BLOWN to learn that Owen Paul (he of My Favourite Waste Of Time fame – currently fronting XSM) is HIS BROTHER!!! 

In an unrelated thing, I also learned yesterday that Steve Jansen and David Sylvian are brothers too!!! I mean…how did I only find that out yesterday?! Lol

But anyway, I digress.

So, here is to Brian! Jim says that Mel is the best drummer in the world, but he does Brian a great disservice saying that, in my opinion. I’d definitely have him on at least equal parring – dare I say, surpassing Mel (sorry, Jim – but you don’t want me agreeing with you on EVERYTHING, like a sycophantic “yes” girl, right?).

Brian McGee – we salute you!

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