Summer Starts Saturday

The first of a summer long season of outdoor gigs for Simple Minds kicks off on Saturday in the beautiful Croatian city of Split. A FREE concert, no less, put on by the city for its residents. I looked into going…but there was no chance of doing it on a shoe string. Easyjet only fly over there every second day or so, so it would have meant flying over tomorrow and staying until Monday. I couldn’t afford it. Fares were already near £100 each way (I think when I looked it was £93 for the outbound and about £178 for the inbound.)  I couldn’t justify that…and a 4 night stay on top. Nope.

Before the gig was announced I had booked to go to Bristol to see Warm Digits, so that’ll be my gig. I get a live music fix at least, just not with SM. But I love my Warm Digits boys as you know…and it’s been a long time since August and The Lexington. And this time I’m making sure I see them at least twice and will see them again in London in early June (with a Minds gig in between. Yay!)

Anyway…SM are packed up and ready to go. Cherisse is keeping fans updated on her Instagram page. To check out the latest goings on, just click on the fab pic of her and Jim she shared earlier (great composition, Cherisse…you got the correct ear  in shot 😉 #fetish).

Oh…don’t I still wish I was making a split for Split?

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