A Day Away…

My flight home this evening was cancelled and my very gracious host is keeping me accommodated for another night.

All the breakdown of the gig will come soon. It might be a short review when I got to it.

The very short review is – myself and my gig buddy, Ruth, got absolutely DRENCHED and it took about 2.5 hours to drive back to her house afterwards.

All three bands were amazing.

A few pics for now.

Midsummer In Glasgow – Lockdown Adventures

I hadn’t been down to the Clyde since I saw Brian Ferry at the SEC Armadillo on March 3rd and I had desperately wanted to go there over the past couple of months. So with it being a mighty fine day yesterday and it almost the height of midsummer, I decided to set out for the Clyde in the afternoon.

Here’s a photo montage from yesterday’s venture…

Photos taken around the Great Western Road and the West End around Kelvinbridge, into Finnieston, onto the Clyde itself, through Woodlands (avoiding going back through Kelvingrove Park on the way back) then back through St George’s Cross to get home.

Touring Round (With) The Horn?

Trevor Horn has announced a tour in the summer. A short run. Matt Cardle is already confirmed on the tour with OTHER SPECIAL GUESTS to be announced…

Jim, Charlie and MAYBE even Mick MacNeil joining in? It’s a short tour. I could see it happening! Only time will tell! Let’s see…

Stay tuned, folks!

And….just as I am compiling this post, we had a little likey likey!


Simple Minds Tour Diary – Grandslam 2018 Compilation

A great retrospective of the summer’s Grandslam tour. I wish I could have gone to more in retrospect, having gone through most of July wondering if I should be going to any at all. But the three I went to were incredibly special for all varying reasons. And they will each of them retain wonderful memories. Meeting beautiful friends, hearing songs live at gigs for the first time. Having a meet and greet experience. All such amazing things. I’ll be forever “singing memories” with this band.

The Brecons Beckon

Off to the Brecon Beacons…near Abergavenny…for four days – for the Green Man Festival. Won the tickets after all…might as well try and go to the thing.

It’s an experience!

Anyway…I think my time away will have me cut off from the Internet – for the most part – so things will be quiet here for a few days. But, hopefully by early next week, a big old review of the whole festival will be here. We’ll see how things go.

Anyways…tara for now…

(PS: John FUCKING Grant!!!)

Minds Music Monday – Summer (Club Mix)

Well, I wanted to share this here on Saturday, but for some reason, their official audio clip on YouTube was unavailable. It appears to be now. Here’s what I said about it on Saturday, linking to it on Spotify…

“They even put an official audio only click up for this but it won’t play. Say whaaa? Not sure I like it, yet. Better than the Numan/Fenton Mix…but certainly not as good as Johnson Somerset’s version.”

See what you think of it…

Summer – Johnson Somerset Remx

I’ve only heard the first 90 seconds, but I HAD to stop and post it! Gary Numan and Ade Fenton…LISTEN UP! THIS is how you do a remix of a song about SUMMER! Add to the vibe…extend the feel…give extra life to the shimmer and space and encapulate the feeling of the heat and the haze and the space. NOT sppress it…make it feel like the sun has been stolen and draw the blinds on the shimmer. Put the heat in the ice box and chill it. I get what you guys were trying to do…it was just…the wrong song.

Johnson Somerset…YOU ARE THE BOMB, my friend! And that’s just from 90 seconds of this. Keep doing what you’re doing, maestro!

Fresh Kerrsday Thursday Treat – And Summer Gets Numanised

…for your delectation, courtesy of Miss Cherisse Osei 🙂

Sir posted this morning of a new remix of Summer produced by Gary Numan and his long-term collaborator Ade Fenton. It got its first play during the Roundtable segment on Steve Lamacq’s show on BBC Radio 6 Music.

CLICK HERE to listen to the show (Summer plays from around the 32 minute mark).
I, sadly, wasn’t really won over. I feel so bad for saying that. I had such high hopes for it…but it takes away all the beauty I get from the song. The song actually SOUNDS WARM on the album! The images I got with it. A heat haze setting-sun scene…a fesitval…slo motion bodies bouncing up and down, hair swaying about in the breeze. I know Jim sings of rain and lightning…but I rarely see that imagery with the song…and if I do…it’s a sun shower. Not a downpour.

But that is now what I get with the Numan/Fenton mix…a damp squib. A rain on my parade. A shading of my sun.

You guys know I love dark songs and imagery…but it just feels the wrong fit. An anthemic, bright, upbeat, warm, pulsing, thumping song…well, rained upon.

Oh, I wanted to like it! And as I was listening to it, I had this sinking feeling. The sinking feeling it was not going to be liked…and, well. Ouch! I do feel if the panel had heard the album version, they’d have not slated it like they did.

A shame. I think maybe if things had been swapped around? Had Johnson Somerset remixed this, and Numan and Fenton were given The Signal And The Noise, then…well, that could have been interesting. I do love JS’s remix of TSATN, don’t get me wrong! But the mix of Summer just didn’t gel for me. I’ll give it one or two more listens but…I’m not hopeful I’ll be won round.

Sometimes opposites attract. Juxtapositions work. I just don’t think it does on this occasion. But I MAY change my mind. Stay tuned!