Dream In Those Dreams…

Dreams of Sir are like buses (buses with wildly sporadic timetables)…

You wait over 12 months for one and you get a BOGOF!

The previous dream before these two was really quite a nice fantasy. I will not go into too much detail…but suffice it to say it was really rather pleasant (but not sexually explicit, if that is what you are thinking! Minds out of the gutters, please! – Not that I’d have said no, of course! It WAS a dream)!

These two this morning both had something in them that just kept me lucid enough to realise I was dreaming…

The first dream was like a tour situation. I was with the whole band…well, as much of the rest of the band as I was taking in and concentrating on: Charlie, Andy, Ged, Mel…possibly Sarah – not sure now on that one, details are getting a little sketchy.

We were on this…almost like a mine shaft THING…(it was a dream, I dunno!) and we’re going down a tunnel. Part the way down, the rest of the band slowly get off the ‘cart'(?) and look about, leaving myself and Jim behind. I am, as would be the case in reality, an absolute frozen, startled rabbit. My mouth is literally stitched shut! He tries to engage in conversation with me. There’s a Minds song playing (Home) and he is singing to me all the different words for “home” in other languages. I mean, not patronisingly so…not Spanish and stuff…rare languages. He could have been spinning me a heap of baloney (it was a dream!). Anyway…we were sitting opposite each other…and I think he was hoping I’d be super impressed with his language skills and serenading…and I was! It’s just…two things, one – I was just SSOOO bloody nervous I didn’t know HOW to respond, and two – his hair! This was the bit of the dream that kept it surreal enough for me to sense I was dreaming. It was like a Native American headdress. HIS ACTUAL HAIR was like it! Lol. So, yeah…you can now appreciate more why I was struggling so much to speak to him! It was a sight to behold! 

My subconscious was obviously being made aware by this time as I slowly came round just enough to realise I had awoken from a dream…as the fading tones of “Home” played in my ears (I tend to fall asleep to a Minds/Bowie mix at night these days).

I very soon drifted back off to sleep and into dream two. 

I was more relaxed this time. Similar situation…but at a soundcheck. (No “Big Chief Baldilocks” hair to distract me this time!) And damn! I can’t remember what he was singing now! Irrelevant anyway, I guess. But he was singing real close to me and stuff and I felt happy and mildly relaxed. Still not sure I’ve even spoken to him at this point…but probably not. Then…all hell breaks loose. These doors at the far end of the auditorium get flung open, and in rush about 30 people. Mostly young-ish girls (late teens/early twenties, SE Asian of some description – whose dream was this? Lol), but in amongst them are Bono and The Edge and they break away from the pack and RUSH at Jim and nearly knock him flying, embracing him in this super manhug! Lol. Quite surreal! I was watching, thinking “God, get a grip, guys! It’s just Jim.” Lol. Like I should talk!  The mob of young girls quickly catch up and there is this rugby scrum of a group hug taking place. The girls are all quite squealy and giggly and I’m just watching from just beyond, highly amused.

I take a seat just behind me. Some of these girls eventually break away from the throng and come sit by me. They are then engrossed in the screens of their phones, no doubt updating their social media statuses or seeing if Bono was a bonus Pokemon Go character. Who knows?

All very surreal and me being left with a “Man, TWO dream scenarios and I STILL didn’t get to talk to him!” Can’t even talk to him in my DREAMS! Typical! Lol

I’ll just have to stick with writing him novels. Lol.

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