It’s All Minds, Minds, Minds…

Firstly, and most importantly, my copy of Sister Feelings Call made it home safely :-)) I realised back in Oz as I started to pack that I would not be able to take it in my luggage and guarantee it would arrive playable. So I was left with little choice but to send it home to myself – at the cost of $35!! But mercifully she got here less than a week later. Yay!!

Next. Well, I couldn’t get The Boy in my luggage either, so I could only bring home the cover. Today, I got a replacement cushion so I could re-stuff him. Yay! He’s all set to be my pillow again. Though I did have a problem with the zip that was giving me a panic! But FINALLY, after several minutes, it zipped up. Phew!!

Lastly. I am ssssoooo happy to have my Minds mug back to drink my tea from.

Simple pleasures :-))

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