It’s All Minds, Minds, Minds…

Firstly, and most importantly, my copy of Sister Feelings Call made it home safely :-)) I realised back in Oz as I started to pack that I would not be able to take it in my luggage and guarantee it would arrive playable. So I was left with little choice but to send it home to myself – at the cost of $35!! But mercifully she got here less than a week later. Yay!!

Next. Well, I couldn’t get The Boy in my luggage either, so I could only bring home the cover. Today, I got a replacement cushion so I could re-stuff him. Yay! He’s all set to be my pillow again. Though I did have a problem with the zip that was giving me a panic! But FINALLY, after several minutes, it zipped up. Phew!!

Lastly. I am ssssoooo happy to have my Minds mug back to drink my tea from.

Simple pleasures :-))

Naughty Jim…

Lol. My mum is ssooo giving me the giggles. When I’m sitting in the kitchen, I have my Jim cushion on the seat as a back support. As soon as I move off the seat, usually it ends up jumping off on to the floor :-/ (and has knocked over the internet modem a couple of times as a consequence!)

Mum keeps going off at it. Lol. Just earlier she said “Stop it, James!!” Lol. It had me in hysterics. Esp. as Jim probably only ever got called James when he was being naughty. Lol.

God, I love my mum :-)))

My double-sided cushion is here!!! Aaawww!!!
Now I can squeeze him and cuddle him!
Nom, nom, nom :-))

Finally ordered my dream cushion today 🙂 Ended up finding a place that does double-sided prints – so I can have two of my most favourite photos on either side. Double the Jim :-)) Ooh, I hope it turns out good!