Why I Love…Special View


The way it quite softly and gradually fades in. I like the pace of it. It’s quite slow. And there’s such a simple but fabulous riff from Charlie and is complimented nicely with Mick’s synths. 
I find it ever so sexy. The way Jim sings those opening lines. The way he articulates the “baby doll” words. Terrible of me that I should find a 20 year old man so sexy! But I do.
“So you can cross you heart, play the part” – just…I don’t know! How he delivers certain lines is just…so…sensual. 
Again, also, he’s that “internal movie director” that John Foxx spoke of. Conjuring up imagery. An oceanfront scene. A big old concrete wave breaker. The sun is setting. It’s slightly cloudy. It looks a little desolate. Just a guy and a girl there. They’re not really talking. Acting awkward and coy around each other. Are they just newly “hooked up”? Or have they had their first tiff? Who knows? 
I have no idea why conjuring up that imagery inside my head should still make the song sound sexy to me…but it does. It’s that subtle darkness he’s so masterful at. I love the depth of the imagery I get from their songs at this point. I know Jim wanted them to have an optimistic outlook, and they do! But later…to begin with in the early days, for the most part (for me on a personal level…MY interpretation of it), there is a dark heart. I love it. I really do (sorry, Jim).
In the very early days of my Minds fandom, I would get Special View and Scar mixed up. When the songs were starting…if I was on shuffle mode, especially, I wouldn’t be sure which was which until Jim started singing. I used to hear musical similarities between the two. Though Scar has a faster pace.
I also like how the song changes pace for a bit towards the end. Charlie brings in some really ROCKING guitar work! 
The ending reverts back to original pace with some great synth/organ work by Mick. It’s a great musical partnering from Charlie and Mick on this one. The way both keyboards and guitar interact with each other. They compliment each other so well on this.
And that is why I love Special View.

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