Walking Conversations

My last couple of interactions with Sir have been on the topic of walking (well, the first really wasn’t…but it led to that). Today’s interaction was lovely and had Jim discussing birdsong with me (one of my favourite subjects…well, birds are in general!). It’s a shame the article he linked to was from 2003…but there is an album of the Jonathan Harvey “Bird Concerto for Pianosong” on Spotify, so I will give that a listen tonight. 🙂

Maybe I should go out for a walk tomorrow and have it playing? But then, as I say…I’d miss the real birdsong, wind rustling through trees, human interactions with people…saying hello to them or being said hello to while people walk their dogs. Hearing the excitement in the dog’s breath. I love that kind of stuff! And if the dogs approach me, I never feel fear, I always put a hand (or both hands) out to pat them. 

Again thank you, Jim, for replying to me.

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