Pardon, Patsy?

David Bowie, who was playing an ad man called Vendice Partners [in “Absolute Beginners”], only said hello and goodbye to me, but then one day he came into the makeup room, picked up a brush and started doing my hair – it was the most erotic experience I’d ever had.

Patsy Kensit.

Note to young men: this only works if you’re David Bowie. Otherwise, no.

(via halloween-jacques)

Patsy – as much as I love Bowie, YOU MARRIED JIM KERR – something more erotic must have happened at SOME point?

Let me see…

Get my hair brushed by David Bowie? Or shag Jim Kerr for at least 4 years? Hmmmm – let me think about this one for about THREE SECONDS! Lol

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