The Boaster…

I feel for this person…and they really seem to have little idea they are saying this TO JIM…

29 years of waiting?! 

I just could not let opportunities pass me by like that. I VERY NEARLY did. I was very, very nervous waiting outside the stage door at Liverpool…but, I had to try. Like I said on the post about the gig itself, if he had ignored me, I’d have been obviously disappointed…but I really did not let myself imagine ANYTHING else happening. I was happy being there to just experience what I thought others would get from it. That’s why I stood back…I didn’t push myself forward. The greeting (although he didn’t say my name then) and the handshake was more than I hoped for.

Seeing him again at Bridlington…having him wave at me…I was stunned. But I couldn’t go up to him, not without someone else being around to deflect off. I was faaar too nervous. And…it was his down time. I really did not want to encroach upon that. 

I wanted to try and get my photo taken with him…but…I again had no expectations of it happening. And CERTAINLY NOT in the way it did…with him putting his arm around me and feeling like he was sqeezing me into him! It was heavenly ❤️

I’d have DIED happy with that!

And then he pokes his tongue out at me on the stage in Bristol…and talks to me! SAYS MY NAME!!! 

WHAT AN INTERLOPER I AM!!! Getting a greeting, a handshake, a wave, an acknowledgement, a hug, photos, a tongue poke, a mention – a brief conversation – all in just three gigs…and less than three years of fandom! Seriously…how dare I?!! Oh, but it’s been sssooo good, and wonderful.

I cannot tell you how much I love this man. 

Just….look at the blog. “May contain a heavy dose of Jim Kerr.”

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