John Grant Signing At Green Man

I will try and get a review of the festival up over the next 24 hours…but for now…here’s a little clip of me (and a bit of Helen before me) meeting John at a signing he was doing at the Rough Trade stall at the Green Man festival yesterday. Oh…he is just too, too lovely! ❤️❤️❤️

Me And Mr McGee

It was an absolute honour and privilege to have met this man last night. He was funny and warm, and gently ribbed me for my extreme fangirl shock of seeing him. Lol

I never expected it to happen, only ever hoping it would.

Thank you, Brian 🙂 The fact that I got to thank you personally meant everything to me. Sorry I went a bit “fangirl” on you! Lol. Thanks once again for signing my single 🙂

You gave a great performance last night too. To actually see you play…I kept pinching myself! Good luck with Monday’s gig – you’ll knock it out the park!

I think my face in the photo sums everything up!

Greeting Grimes

So far, in the past 12 months of following SM around on tour, I had met every member of the band bar Ged and Cherisse. Cherisse has still eluded me…but at Manchester, I finally got to meet Mr Grimes. And so happy I was about the fact, I lost myself and gave him a hug! He responded in kind and reciprocated said hug, thankfully!

He briefly spoke to the three of us (Gillian, Nicola and I), talking about Australia and telling us of his brother in Brisbane. A lovely man, very warm and very kind. It was an honour to meet you at last, Ged. Thank you ❤️

When posing for the snap he said “I’ll bend down to be level with you ladies because I’m REALLY tall”. Oh, you are a star!

Waiting For The Man – Manchester Meeting!

Gillian’s dream fulfilled. Never thought I could be someone that could help fulfil peoples’ lifelong dreams. Karma points coming my way…I hope!

This picture has been 37 years in the making…


Oh, geez…could I be looking any more lovingly? Lol. “I’m sharing you for ONE MINUTE! JUST ONE!” Lol

I have NO IDEA what is distracting Gillian and I. WHAT IS DISTRACTING US!? Are we FOR REAL!? Lol


When Prip Met Virginia

Thank you so, so much, Virginia for letting me visit and having to endure my endless over-enthusiasm. Thank you for lunch too. There were so many other questions. If there had been so much more time…perhaps again in the future.

It really was an honour and a privilege.

The Boaster…

I feel for this person…and they really seem to have little idea they are saying this TO JIM…

29 years of waiting?! 

I just could not let opportunities pass me by like that. I VERY NEARLY did. I was very, very nervous waiting outside the stage door at Liverpool…but, I had to try. Like I said on the post about the gig itself, if he had ignored me, I’d have been obviously disappointed…but I really did not let myself imagine ANYTHING else happening. I was happy being there to just experience what I thought others would get from it. That’s why I stood back…I didn’t push myself forward. The greeting (although he didn’t say my name then) and the handshake was more than I hoped for.

Seeing him again at Bridlington…having him wave at me…I was stunned. But I couldn’t go up to him, not without someone else being around to deflect off. I was faaar too nervous. And…it was his down time. I really did not want to encroach upon that. 

I wanted to try and get my photo taken with him…but…I again had no expectations of it happening. And CERTAINLY NOT in the way it did…with him putting his arm around me and feeling like he was sqeezing me into him! It was heavenly ❤️

I’d have DIED happy with that!

And then he pokes his tongue out at me on the stage in Bristol…and talks to me! SAYS MY NAME!!! 

WHAT AN INTERLOPER I AM!!! Getting a greeting, a handshake, a wave, an acknowledgement, a hug, photos, a tongue poke, a mention – a brief conversation – all in just three gigs…and less than three years of fandom! Seriously…how dare I?!! Oh, but it’s been sssooo good, and wonderful.

I cannot tell you how much I love this man. 

Just….look at the blog. “May contain a heavy dose of Jim Kerr.”

OMG! The Stars Are Aligning…

UPDATE: Well, as it turns out – 5pm is the EARLIEST I can arrive…so, it’ll be a MAD dash to Tantrum when I arrive! An emergency taxi ride from Glasgow Cental to Tantrum. Or a train to Exhibition Centre and a short walk from there to Tantrum. Oh, hell!! Why do they have to be shut on Mondays!?!! *sigh*

It would appear that Sir may INDEED be in Scotland when I am there Saturday week! There is an acoustic gig in Zurich on Saturday…but after that, he says he’s gonna try and have some time in Scotland, hiking. 

Hiking…AND DOUGHNUT EATING! Of course! Lol. 

I have a date I am going to arrive in Glasgow, November 5th…but I am yet to have a confirmed time of my arrival. I can only assume I’ll arrive mid to late afternoon. Maybe 2pm at the earliest…5pm at the latest? Sunday I won’t be free at all to look around the city, but if I still find myself there on the Monday (I’ll be there at least in the morning), I could meet Sir then? (If Saturday becomes a no no) Sadly there will be no Tantrum Doughnuts on the Monday as they’ll be shut. 🙁 

But…well, maybe I can dream of meeting Jim in Glasgow after all? Gawd…I can’t think of what’s making me more nervous…being on telly, or the potential of meeting Sir Kerr! Gah!

A Very Exciting Day

Firstly – I met the beautiful Catherine Anne Davies today. She was signing re-issued copies of her album, Confessions Of A Romance Novelist, at the independent record store Empire Records at St Albans. 

SHE KNEW ME! It was lovely! I was stunned! We had a very lovely chat and she was just wonderful and engaging. Thank you so much, Catherine. The album is beautiful xx