OMG! The Stars Are Aligning…

UPDATE: Well, as it turns out – 5pm is the EARLIEST I can arrive…so, it’ll be a MAD dash to Tantrum when I arrive! An emergency taxi ride from Glasgow Cental to Tantrum. Or a train to Exhibition Centre and a short walk from there to Tantrum. Oh, hell!! Why do they have to be shut on Mondays!?!! *sigh*

It would appear that Sir may INDEED be in Scotland when I am there Saturday week! There is an acoustic gig in Zurich on Saturday…but after that, he says he’s gonna try and have some time in Scotland, hiking. 

Hiking…AND DOUGHNUT EATING! Of course! Lol. 

I have a date I am going to arrive in Glasgow, November 5th…but I am yet to have a confirmed time of my arrival. I can only assume I’ll arrive mid to late afternoon. Maybe 2pm at the earliest…5pm at the latest? Sunday I won’t be free at all to look around the city, but if I still find myself there on the Monday (I’ll be there at least in the morning), I could meet Sir then? (If Saturday becomes a no no) Sadly there will be no Tantrum Doughnuts on the Monday as they’ll be shut. 🙁 

But…well, maybe I can dream of meeting Jim in Glasgow after all? Gawd…I can’t think of what’s making me more nervous…being on telly, or the potential of meeting Sir Kerr! Gah!

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