Don’t You Be Telling *ME* To “Calm Down”, BOY! Lol

‘Shake Off The Ghosts (2002 Remastered)’ by Simple Minds
This has been in my head for a few days now. Recently (when the “Sparkle” Box Set reissue came out), Jim Kerr dismissed this instrumental as being “lazy” and not something they should have released. I don’t get why he feels that way, because (IMHO!) it’s a perfect end to the Sparkle In The Rain album.

I told him as much on the SM Official Facebook page – he told me to “calm down”. I’ll give him “calm down”! Lol. Cheeky sod! “Put ‘em up, put ‘em uuuuuup!!” *runs off just like Cowardly Lion* Lol

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