La Dusseldorf – Rheinita

First time I ever heard this was earlier in the year when Iggy Pop played it on his radio show. It was so beautiful, I cried. One of the most beautiful pieces of music I’d heard in a long time (minus some Simple Minds songs, obvs.). I really do need La Dusseldorf in my life!

Don’t You Be Telling *ME* To “Calm Down”, BOY! Lol

‘Shake Off The Ghosts (2002 Remastered)’ by Simple Minds
This has been in my head for a few days now. Recently (when the “Sparkle” Box Set reissue came out), Jim Kerr dismissed this instrumental as being “lazy” and not something they should have released. I don’t get why he feels that way, because (IMHO!) it’s a perfect end to the Sparkle In The Rain album.

I told him as much on the SM Official Facebook page – he told me to “calm down”. I’ll give him “calm down”! Lol. Cheeky sod! “Put ‘em up, put ‘em uuuuuup!!” *runs off just like Cowardly Lion* Lol

‘Simple Minds’ by Live on “Hear Here” Scottish TV, 1980
Absolutely everything I love about early Simple Minds all here in one little dynamic live set. They were just ‘ON’ from the get go! Amazing young musicians in Derek Forbes, Mick MacNeil and Brian McGee – not forgetting two stalwarts of Charlie Burchill and Jim Kerr – what a frontman he is! Yes, biased, I know! But just watch him – a wonderful blend of raw talent, aloofness, coolness and (dare I say?) sexiness. I fall more and more in love with him each day 🙂

‘Wonderful in Young Life’ by Simple Minds
“Memorise / A crowded swallow skies” – those lyrics conjure up cloudless, sunny days. Much like we’ve had the past couple of days 🙂 Nearly one year into my Simple Minds mega fandom, and I’ve NEVER chosen this as my jam?! What the hell?!

This song means everything – EVERYTHING – to me. It’s beyond beautiful. “Hey! I’m singing memories.” Jim Kerr’s falsetto (yes! He does a falsetto – bet you never knew that! Lol) on the word *memories* makes me want to weep. Just…gorgeous…

New Gold Dream – German 12″ Remix

‘New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) German 12″ Remix’ by Simple Minds
Now nearly one year into my Simple Minds fandom, I’ve harboured a new love for New Gold Dream, esp. this German 12″ Remix. I posted a comment (massive blurb) about it on the SM Facebook page about my favourite fragment of the song and I got a reply from Jim Kerr that blew me away with its awesomeness.


Needless to say, this has now made the song even MORE awesome to me. Forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

‘Full concert – Rockpalast, Cologne, 1982’ by Simple Minds
I wanted to choose Sons And Fascination from this gig, but it isn’t available on its own (at around the 1hr 2min mark if you want to cut straight to it)…so I thought “Bugger it! I’ll put the whole thing up.” It’s a favourite early gig. I was too young, weren’t into them then and so it’s great this exists. And Jim Kerr is AMAZING at this gig. So beautiful! I’m so in love with him during this period. Damn me being 11 years old & on the other side of the world!